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Welcome Timberlin Creek Physical Education!

We believe that a quality physical education program is the cornerstone for developing an active lifestyle. Our program at Timberlin Creek consists of developmentally appropriate activities that create maximum opportunities for development of skills, knowledge, health related fitness, and ultimately, the confidence to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. The environment is safe and non-threatening and provides opportunities for success.

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      Field Day is coming soon and we are in need of volunteers!  This year’s Field Day theme is Superheroes.  Field Day will be set up with ten stations.  Students will rotate with their class through each station followed by a grade level tug of war competition. Volunteers will work the stations by giving an explanation of the game and helping the station run smoothly.  Please join in the fun by signing up to volunteer. You must be an approved volunteer to participate. Don’t forget to wear your favorite superhero attire!

A couple of guidelines for Field Day volunteers: As we continue to comply with our security and safety procedures, only those individuals who are approved volunteers may enter campus. This event will not be an open-forum activity. Parents who have not signed-up to volunteer for a specific station will be unable to be on the fields.

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If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, feel free to e-mail us:

Coach Brewer ,Coach Holley, and Coach Lane