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A mind is a terrible thing to waste…
and so is the other 90 % of the body!
This information will pertain to all classes in PE.  Uniforms, Locks, Weather and any updates that will related to all classes.  
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UNIFORMS sold all year long.  Any uniforms purchased prior to the school year will be handed out to students during the first week of school during their class.  Uniforms can purchased during the first week of school in the gym during class.  After the first week, they will need to ask the coach in the locker room. Students can pay with cash or check during class or can purchased online at
****Students are required to dress out for PE. Options: Creekside Gray T-shirt and Red Shorts or any PLAIN gray t-shirt and PLAIN red shorts. Students are not considered dressed out if they are not in the appropriate attire including athletic shoes. Flip flops, crocs, slides, Sperry’s, boots, slippers are NOT athletic shoes and will not count as dressed out. Uniform shirts and shorts are available $25 for both, $10 for shirt, $15 for shorts. ****


PE LOCKS WILL BE AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR. $5 LOCK FEE (lock and uniform checks must be separate)