Grading and Expectations


Tests:  50-100 points
Quizzes:  10-50 points
Homework:  5 points
Classwork:  5 points

Assessments include tests and quizzes.  They are 70% of the grade.
Assignments include homework and classwork. They are 30% of the grade.

Homework Expectations:

The purpose of homework is to provide individual practice for students so that material covered in class is less likely to be forgotten. Problems will be given almost every day for homework. Each homework that is graded will be given a range from 0-5 points. To earn 5 points, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Pencil must be used
  • Every problem must be tried
  • Write the original problem (unless it’s a word problem)
  • Do the problem
  • Check the answer in the back of the book or against the answers I give in class
  • If it’s correct, go on to the next problem; If it’s incorrect, try the problem one more time
  • If it’s still incorrect, circle the problem and put the correct answer next to it.
  • Ask about the problem in class the next day in class
  • Fix the problem as it’s reviewed:  many times homework will be collected and graded as a quiz AFTER we review it!  There is NO reason for you to receive a 0 on this quiz!