Classroom supplies

Supplies needed:                                                   Click here for Graph paper

1 notebook (at least) per quarter (keep in binder)
folder: keep all quizzes and tests! (If it has holes, it can be kept in your binder)
loose leaf paper
hand sharpeners
graph paper (may print from this page- see above)
TI 30Xa calculator (Wal-Mart has them for about $10-$12; if you are unable to get one, let me know)
Geometry only:  construction kit (compass and protractor) to practice at home
Do what is best for you in terms of organization, but here’s an idea:
     Color code your subjects!  Have one color binder, folder, notebook for your math class.  Get a big enough pencil pouch with holes to hold pencils, pens, erasers, hand sharpeners, and calculator (and construction kit- geometry). Put pouch in binder.

Books:  available online:
username:  55S + student ID  (55S123456)
password:  first initial, last initial, date of birth in following format:  DB07061969

Algebra I:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Florida Algebra 1:  Analyze, Connect, Explore
Geometry:  Holt McDougal Geometry