Class Expectations and Procedures

Class rules

I. Respect teacher
    A. School policy: No eating or drinking in class
    B. Wait until lecture is over before you sharpen pencil, use bathroom, or get out of seat for any reason
    C. Use respectful tone of voice and body language

II. Respect Each Other
     A. No name-calling
     B. Do not laugh at questions
     C. Keep your hands, feet, body to yourself

III. Respect Yourself
     A. Come prepared with paper, pencil, and HOMEWORK
     B. Do your very best
     C. Know that you CAN succeed! Keep trying until you do…. Never give up!

Class Procedure

Students should come in before the bell rings and have homework out and book open. Backpacks (with cell phones in them) will be placed at the side of the room.   The bellwork will be on the board for students to solve- please work on this problem while bookkeeping is being done and homework checked. Questions will be answered on any problems from the homework. New lesson will be introduced. Class time will sometimes be given to begin homework assignments. Depending on the assignment, students may be asked to work individually or in a group.

Students will NOT be allowed to go to their locker to get their homework. For full credit, students must bring their homework with them to class!


Students have two days per absence to make up work. Students can check the website for homework assignments. Tutorials are available in the online book.  For complete notes and understanding, students can always make an appointment to come see me.