IB Film Syllabus

IB Film Course Syllabus for 2016-17
Instructor: Mrs. Bourquin
[email protected]

Welcome to IB Film! The course is based on teaching analysis of film, the study of film theory and film history in America and from around the world, and the production of film.

In this course, every lecture and every assignment is one which will help you ace your final assessments. Instead of multiple quizzes and tests (other than a mid-term and final) we will have class projects and homework which hones your analytical and film production skills, since that is what is stressed in your assessments . If you ever have any questions about the course, feel free to email me. I am always interested in your thoughts and input as the class progresses.

The external and internal assessments each have two parts. Here is a VERY basic breakdown of what will be required…
External Assessment
1. SL students will create an 8-10 page documentary script that studies the links between two films from different countries of origin. HL students will create a 12-15 page documentary script that links four films from at least two different countries of origin.

2. SL students will select a 5-minute extract from one of three films and prepare a 10 minute oral presentation which analyzes the scene. HL students will prepare a 15 minute presentation.

Internal Assessment

1. SL students will create a 4-5 minute original short film, working as a group of up to 4 members. HL students will create a 6-7 minute original short film, working as a group of up to 4 members , plus a 40-60 second trailer, which each group member must create individually. (SL and HL students can NOT work together in a group for this short film assessment)

2. SL students will create a production portfolio which includes a rationale for the film (100 words total), and an accounting of the processes which went into production, a detailed description of the student’s role in the film, and an analysis of the final product (1,200 words total). Students are also required to include pictures or graphic representation of their influence and involvement in the filmmaking process. HL students’ portfolio must be 1,750 words total, plus a 100 word rationale for their film and 100 word rationale for individual trailer.

What you’ll need for this course
-A binder with paper for notes, and for storing class handouts
-$20 class fee to provide you with SD cards and equipment for your film
– A composition journal

Everything we do in this course is meant to better prepare you for your assessments. Here is how the class grades are broken down:
Assignments: 30% (class work, independent study work, journal, practice)
Assessments: 70% (quizzes, film projects, writing)