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***All 4th Nine weeks assignments will be on Schoology.***




Part 2- Chords and Improvisation

Project File

Blues Chord Worksheet

Part 1- Blues Scale Improvisation

Project File




Warm-Up Sites

Home Access Center


Word Synth

Infinite Drum Machine

Beat Blender

Melody Mixer

Pattern Radio: Whale Sounds

Home Access Center


Launchpad Arcade

BlokDust (Take the tour first)


Minimal Beat Machine

Rick Astley Remixer

Ableton Learn Music

Midi.Citi Synth

Chrome Music Lab

Isle of Tune

Virtual Drummer

Type Drummer




Be Muse



Movie Trailer Teasers

Project File (All sound should start at the 5-second mark or measure 3)

iLife Sound Effects


More Sound Effects

Even More Sound Effects

Partners in Rhyme Sound Effects



Children’s Story Books Create Your Own (100 Point Summative)

Directions- Pick a children’s book. Read through it from beginning to end. Plan out the sound effects and voices needed to make the story engaging. Record it in the studio. Add sound effects and music. We are going to gift completed projects to Webster Elementary to promote literacy. 

Project File

Children’s Story Book Create Your Own Planning Sheet

Teacher Example Worksheet

Sound Effects

iLife Sound Effects


More Sound Effects

Even More Sound Effects

Partners in Rhyme Sound Effects


Children’s Story Books – Part 1 (80 points formative)






Directions- Below are 3 children’s stories. Select one. Add music and sound effects to enhance the story. Make it fun. 

Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus (2:11)

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (2:07)

Pig the Stinker (2:45)

Sound Effects

iLife Sound Effects

More Sound Effects

Even More Sound Effects

Partners in Rhyme Sound Effects






All of Me – John Legend

Project File

Mr. Bond Example

All of Me Worksheet 1 (Intro/Verse 1)

All of me Worksheet 2 (Pre-Chorus)

All of me Worksheet 3 (Chorus)



Radio Advertising – Final Project/Summative Assessment 

Key Terms

Target Demographic: Group of people your ad is targeting

Character/Narrator: Type of person reading the ad.

 Vocal Direction: How the ad is being read


Project Files (45-second minimum)

2nd Period Project File

3rd Period Project File


St Augustine Events

Visit St Augustine

St Augustine Amphitheater 


Sound Effect Websites

iLife Sound Effects

More Free Sound Effects



Extra Worksheet 

Radio Advertising-Create Your Own


Radio Advertising Project- Create Your Own

Project Files

2nd Period Project File

3rd Period Project File


Extra Worksheet 

Radio Advertising-Create Your Own


Sound Effect Websites

iLife Sound Effects

More Free Sound Effects


Welcome Back Project

Directions: It’s 2020 and we are BACK. This project is designed to be somewhat of a “create day” type project. You need to create something that takes you the remainder of this class to complete. We will share ALL projects on Tuesday, so create something kewl and gr00vy. 

Project File


Radio Advertising Project- Create Your Own

Project File

Radio Advertising-Create Your Own

iLife Sound Effects

More Free Sound Effects


Learning Goal- Students will be able to record a radio advertisement using spoken word, music, and sound effects.

Step 1- Get into groups with the people sitting around you (3 max)

Step 2- As a group, select a script from the “Commercial Script” link and complete the Radio Advertising Worksheet (40 Points).

Step 3- Practice reading your script out loud. You may use the recording studios when you are ready. 

Step 4- Add music, sound effects, and adjust levels. Projects should make sense and sound GOOD!

Project File

Commercial Scripts

Radio Advertising Worksheet

iLife Sound Effects

More Free Sound Effects



Recording- The Basics

150 Best English Tongue Twisters to challenge your tongue!

Project File

Record 5 tongue twisters and balance them with 5 clips of music (that you create). 

Project File

Record one of the following:

  • The Pledge of Allegiance
  • Numbers 1-26
  • The Alphabet

Grade breakdown:

  • 25pts- Voice is in balance with music.
  • 25pts- Vocals pronounced correctly/clear.
  • 25pts- Music uses a variety of instruments and does not take away from the project.









Midi Keyboard- Backing Tracks


Project File

Instructions: Last Day of the dreaded 4 chord songs, Ya’ll!

1- Pick a song from the list above…..there are a bunch here. Scroll through and try to find one you recognize for today’s project.

2- Take some time to learn the chords in the correct order.

3- Create a 4 chord song using all the skills we have learned in the last 4 weeks. Refer to the rubric for specifics. 

4 Chord Project File (Must be 25 measures Long)

4 Chord Resource Sheet

4 Chord Songs

Today you will be creating a chord progression using the 4 chords we practiced yesterday. Each chord should take up 4 beats (one measure). The only loops you should use are drums. Create your project based on the track suggestions below:

Track 1- Drum Loop of your choice

Track 2- Piano or Keyboard

Track 3- Rhythmic Synth

Track 4- Bass

Track 5- Guitar

Track 6- Your Choice

3 Chords Are Better Than 2 Project File

3 Chord Resource Sheet


1- Open the project file and resource sheet in multiple tabs. Divide your screen.

2- Drag a drum track into your project and loop it from measure 1-17

3- Learn the 3 chords. Practice playing them back to back. THIS MAY TAKE SOME TIME. BE PATIENT AND PRACTICE SLOWLY. 

4- Record your chords with an instrument of your choice. Rhythmic Synth sounds cool.

5- Add Bass. This must go along with the chords. 

Chords-3 notes at once

Bass- one note at a time. 

“Two Chord Are Better Than” One Project File


  1. Drag a drum loop into your project. Loop it from measure 1-17.
  2. Open a new track and alternate between both the D minor and C major chord for a total of 8 counts each(I will go over this). Use the instrument of your choice. 
  3. Open a new track and select a bass. Record a bass along with the correct chord. 

Chord- 3 notes played at the same time.

Bass- 1 note played at the same time


MIDI Keyboard Introduction- Using Your Ears and Improv

Part 2- Create a Backing Track

Project File

D Minor Advanced

D Minor Easy

1- Find a drum track and drag it into your project from measure 1-8. (You can change this later). 

2- Learn the D minor Chord. Record it 4 or 8 beats at a time. 

3- Choose a second instrument and record the D minor Chord AGAIN with a different sound. 

4- Record a bass track. Remember, this is the lowest note in the D minor chord. 

Part 1 – D Minor Pentatonic 

Project File

D Minor Pentatonic (Easy)

D Minor Pentatonic (Advanced)

Helpful Reminders

  1. Use the “Cycle Mode” to practice different combinations of notes on your keyboard. See what sounds good to you. 
  2. When you are ready to record, click the big red button or use the shortcut control+space 
  4. If you finish recording something in the first section before time is called record another solo in the second section. 

Genre Snapshot Unit

Snapshot 1- Rock

Snapshot 2- Hip Hop

Snapshot 3- EDM

Snapshot 4- RnB/Pop/Jazz

Pattern Beat Making


Open the project file. Change the name of your project to match the name of the beat you selected.


Beat Project 1

Beat Project 2



Beat of the Day- Apache Part 2

Project File


Beat of the day- The Funky Drummer

Project File


Sound Effects and Video

Tips to make your life easier:

Change the way your project is measured to “time”. This will allow for easier placement of sound effects.

Download the silent video and divide your screen with the video on one side, and the Soundtrap project on the other.

Make sure you have at least one ambient sound effect throughout. This will connect the story together.


Project File

6th Grade Video File

7th Grade Video File

8th Grade Video File

iLife Sound Effects (highest quality)

Salami Sounds

Audio Micro

Partners in Rhyme

Working With Sound Effects

Project 1-Pick from a scenario below

-Sporting Event             -Getting ready for school          -Godzilla destroying New York        -Attending a car race

-Day at the pool            -A Holiday of your choice          -Vacation             -4th of July

Project 2– Create Your Own

Sound Effects:

iLife Sound Effects (highest quality)

Audio Micro

Partners in Rhyme

Using Sound Effects…..An Introduction

Intro Soundscape- Thunderstorm Project File

In addition to the hundreds of sound effects on Soundtrap you can find more below:

iLife Sound Effects (highest quality)

Audio Micro

Partners in Rhyme

ZapSplat– You have to create an account but there are ALOT of sounds here.

Mid Week Mashup

Mid Week Mashup Project File

Song Cuts- Final Day (25 Point Formative)

This is the final day to demonstrate that you know how to cut audio down to a shorter length. Today you will pick a song below of your choice, download it, and then cut it down to 45 seconds. No, you cannot make it even .00001 second longer and receive full credit.

Project File


Song Cuts (Part 2)

Cut the following songs to meet the needs of the scenarios below.

Scenario 1: 

Project File

Ben is auditioning for the MMS Musical and wants to perform his rendition of “Hotel California”.  When listening to the song, Ben realized that the guitar solo goes on for two minutes, ending the song with an awkward-never-ending moment in time. Use your ears to find a good place to cut the solo and then fade it out until the end. 

Scenario 2:

Project File

MrsBurkhardt wants to use the song “High Hopes” for an upcoming dance concert. She wants to start the song where the first verse begins while keeping the intro. Cut out the section of music between 16″-39″.

Scenario 3:

Project File

The local VSCO girl club wants to make a radio ad featuring the song “Bad Guy”. Cut this song down to be only one minute in length, while including at least 3 sections. 




Song Cuts (Part 1)

Project File

Today we are cutting 3 sections out of “Old Town Road”:

1st- Cut out the entire bridge (1’39” to 2’07”)

2nd/3rd- Cut out the entire intro/outro


The same keyboard shortcuts will be helpful:

Split Clip: Control+E 

Copy: Control+C

Paste: Control+V


Splitting/Editing Audio (Intro)

Project File


Billy Bob Music

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

Split Clip: Control+E 

Copy: Control+C

Paste: Control+V





First Project- Working with Loops (50 Point Formative).

Teacher Example

Mr. Bond’s Class Project File

Track 1: Measure 1-25

Track 2: Measure 3-23

Track 3: Measure 5-21

Track 4: Measure 7-19

Track 5: Measure 9-17

Track 6: Measure 11-15

Creating a Soundtrap Account


Example: [email protected]

Once signed in, click “Education” and then enter the following Group Codes.

Mr. Mechoso: X9E974D

Objectives: Create a Soundtrap profile. This includes selecting a profile picture and wallpaper. Students will learn how to copy, paste, and save to the student share folder. Once completed students will begin exploring Soundtrap on their own or with the tutorials.