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We are riding the wave into an awesome school year! Welcome to my website. I am Mrs. Beliles and I am looking forward to teaching your child and working with you. Together I am sure we will make this year an outstanding one for your child.
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Language Arts:
Reading:   We are working on sequencing, time lines and biographies.
The students are reading their biographies and should be beginning their project.  I will be asking the students to bring in the first page of the project by Tuesday, February 18th.

Grammar: Possessive Nouns
Word Work:
Spelling List this week
Green Vocabulary Workshop:  Unit 9 Test, Thursday, February 13th: 

Math: We are working on Geometry (Two dimensional Shapes)
This unit has extensive vocabulary that the children need to learn.
They will have to name two dimensional shapes, name types of lines and compare quadrilaterals.  Please have your child review vocabulary daily.
Geometry Test: Thursday, February 20th

Social Studies Map skills
We have begun our study of the regions of the United States. Our focus is the Midwest region.  We are learning about the physical features, climate, resources and products, landmarks and culture.
Western Region Quiz: Tuesday, February 11th

Science: In preparation for the states of matter we will be working on measurement.  The class will  begin by measuring to the nearest inch, half inch and then quarter in.

.Lunch: $2.80  Milk: $.60
If you would like to volunteer in the classroom or on field trips you must be cleared by the county.

Wish List:

colored copy paper (bright colors )
HP ink #564- black or colored
Snacks: We are a peanut/tree nut free classroom
Jolly Ranchers -Tootsie Rolls


Updated: November 20, 2019