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Many Ways to Study

Social science teacher Linda Bryan encourages her students to try many ways of studying to find those that work best for their individual learning styles. She also discusses with students the most effective ways to study specific subject matter and recommends to students that they

* practice with flashcards;
* ask someone to quiz you;
* read;
* reread;
* highlight your notes;
* summarize;
* read your notes;
* read your notes aloud;
* organize your papers so you are working with everything you need;
* outline or make a graphic version of written work (lists, columns, Venn diagrams, etc.);
* do a project;
* quiz yourself;
* write memory work over and over until you feel confident;
* use a worksheet as a quiz by covering over the answers and re-doing it;
* look over old quizzes and try to figure out why you’re making mistakes;
* look over the returned assignments for the unit;
* answer study guide questions;
* tell someone else what the topic is about;
* look up the parts of the assignments that you didn’t understand the first time.

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