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Discovery Education
Username: look in your planner
Password: studentsWorld Book OnlineUsername:  hunt

Password:   islanders

Students in 3-5 grade  will probably want to use the “Student” tab




Tween Tribune

Tween Tribune

username and password in planner


username and password in planner

Study Island

Study Island

username and password in planner


Storyworks Video Archive

GO Math Textbook

Username: 55 + S + their student #

ex. 55S123456

Password: first initial + last initial + their birthday in mmddyyyy format

ex. DB06021999 if the birthday is 6/2/1999

Social Studies Textbook

Username: 55 + Student Number

Password: First and Last Initial + Full Birthdate in Numeric Form.

Example:  Student John Smith who was born on March 5, 2002 would have a password of JS03052002

Safe Kids Search Engine (Kidrex)

National Geographic Science Textbook

Username: 55 + S + their student #

ex. 55S123456

Password: First Initial Last Initial, birthdate

ex. KH05241977

FCAT Explorer
Username: your student #
Password: your student #

Renaissance Learning


SSYRA (Sunshine State Young Readers Award)


 Renaissance Learning

AR Book Finder

Kahn Academy
Need extra Math help? Search on this website for an explanation of the topic that you’re stuck on.
5th Grade Math – Khan Academy
Almost everything you’ll need to know in 5th grade Math.
101 Uses of a Quadratic Equation
No – you don’t need to use this in 5th grade. Smiley BUT you might find it interesting and it will be a great reference when you’re taking Algebra and wondering, “Why do I have to learn this?”  Thanks Mrs. McDonald for link.
100 Most Common Misspelled Words in English

Hubble Telescope Gallery

Forms of Energy

European Explorer Research 50 States & Capitals Practice
Crossword Puzzle Maker
Click on Criss-Cross to get to the crossword puzzle maker. There are several other puzzles that you can make, too. Check them all out, and let me know how you like them.
PEMDAS Rap Video
Watch this silly video to help you remember the Order of Operations.
Sodium and Water Reaction
Properties of the compounds are different than the elements that make up the compound.
50 States and Capitals Resources Whale Information – Search by Species Variables Song
3 D Art ‘Voyage of the Mimi’ videos: Tropicana Speech Examples