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Homework postings are of particular importance.
First day of School is Monday, August 12, 2019
1st Quarter ends October 11
Teacher Day/Student Holiday September 2
FSA Testing April/March 2020


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English 4 Support for (Blackford, Wood)


Instructor: Dr. Baker
Room: G619

Dr. Robert Baker

English 1  @  English 4 Support Facilitation


E-mail Robert. [email protected]

Voicemail #547-2206

School Website-Robert Baker-ESE Department-Word Press site

Course Description:Standard English 1 and Access Points Curriculum & Standard English 4 Curriculum

Course Objectives:LAFS.910.W.1.1: Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence.

  • Access Point

  • LAFS.910.W.4.AP.10a: Write routinely over shorter time frames (e.g., journal entry, letter, graphic organizer) for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes and audiences.
  • LAFS.910.W.4.AP.10b: Write routinely in a genre over extended time frames (planning, drafting, editing, revising, publishing) for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes and audiences.


Major Units of Study For English 1 Curriculum

Survival-Quarter 1

The Most Dangerous Game


The Struggle for Freedom-Quarter 2

Martin Luther King Junior Speech

Hero’s Quest-Quarter 3

The Odyssey

Sweet Sorrow-Quarter 4

Romeo and Juliette     

State Assessment Information

FSA Reading-April/March 2020

Grading and Re-Take Policy (Faculty handbook expectations are excerpted below)

“The school-wide weighting for formative and summative assessments for SAHS is  75% Summative Assessments, 25% Formative Assessments. All students should have at a minimum 3 (three) summative assessments per quarter and at a minimum 1 (one) formative assessment per week entered into eSchoolPlus and published for parent review in Home Access Center. Per district policy, semester grades will be Quarter 1/3: 45%, Quarter 2/4: 45% Midterm/Final: 10%.


Individual grading policies and assignment weights must be consistent among teachers who are teaching the same subject – i.e. all English 3 Honors teachers must use the same weighting of tests, quizzes, homework, etc. and use the same policies for late work, make up work, etc.


SAHS Test Re-Take Policy

If a student earns a grade of D or F on a test, they must be given an opportunity to re-take that test, or an alternate version of that test. The following guidelines apply:

  • The re-take must be completed before the last day of the quarter of the original test.
  • The student must complete some kind of “ticket to test” for the teacher. It is up to the teacher to set a policy or decide what this should be, some examples include test corrections and reflection from the original test, completion of all homework and classwork leading up to the test, additional review problems from the textbook, etc.
  • The student must schedule the re-take with the teacher outside of class time and the student may not be excused from another class to re-take a test. Recommendation: before school or during Jacket Prep.
  • The maximum grade a student can earn on the re-take is a 75.
  • Honors, Pre-AICE, AICE and AP classes may limit this to no more than one re-take opportunity per quarter.”


Materials (Textbook information as well as information about any supplemental texts which will be use

Performance Plus

Student Daily Supply Information (i.e. pencils, pens, paper, etc.)

Binder, journal, pens, pencils, erasers, 7 color coded dividers for binder notebook.

Classroom Rules, Procedures and Expectations

Four P’s of English 1/ English 4 Classes:

Be Prompt.     (On time to class; on time with homework)

Be Prepared.  (Pencil, paper, textbook, notebook, homework)

Be Polite.        (Raise your hand; no teasing; appropriate comments)

Be Positive.     (I can do it!   Reading can be fun!  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!  Encourage others to do the same.)There is no way to make a rule that will cover every situation.  Students are expected to be courteous to me and to each other.  High school students know how to behave appropriately in the classroom.  Any behavior that is not conducive to a positive learning environment will not be tolerated. I expect that students will be seated and ready to work with materials (book, homework, pencil, etc.) out when the tardy bell rings.  “Housekeeping duties” (bathroom, drink, pencil sharpening, etc.) should be taken care of prior to the beginning of class.

Learning requires active participation.  Students are expected to take notes and to ask questions when they need clarification.

Some classroom expectations:

Consequences for not following classroom expectations:

1st Offense=Verbal Warning

2nd Offense=Parent Contact by phone

3rd Offense=Student will receive a referral


Respect all of your classmates

-My desk, computer, cabinets, refrigerator, microwave, heat/ac control, etc. are off limits to students.

-Water is the only acceptable drink in class.

-When finished with an assignment please remain quiet to afford others the opportunity to finish in a quiet environment.




“It is the responsibility of the student to make up all work missed due to absence from school. Students may request work from their teachers while they are absent via email or may contact the teacher directly upon the student’s return to school. The time available for a student to complete the make-up  work is the number of class sessions missed (in other words, if a student misses three class sessions, the student must submit the make-up work at the beginning of the fourth class session after the student’s return). Any work that was due on the day of the absence is due on the day of the return. Students whose absences are excused are permitted the opportunity to receive full credit for make-up work. Students whose absences are unexcused are permitted the opportunity to receive a maximum of 50% credit for classroom and homework. Quizzes and tests are made up for 100% credit. Coursework, quizzes and tests not completed and submitted within the allotted time frame will receive no credit.” (SAHS Student Handbook pg. 5)

County Grading Scale:
A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69
Report Card Dates:
October 29 January 17 , March 31, and May 27
Interims Issued: September 10, November 165 February 6 April 21
***Parent/Guardian– Please sign that you have read this form and have your student return it by 9/1/19 for 25 points. I will send it back home with your student so that you will have this information handy, if needed. Email is my preferred method of contact because I have more access to it than to a phone. It makes it easier for me to get back to you with a prompt answer to your question.

Parent/Guardian________________________________________ Date __________________


Date Assigned Date Due



August 12- Welcome Back Jackets

Read 20 minutes per night


Capturing Kids Hearts
Social Contract
Classroom Expectations

Homework- Class syllabus signed by parents and returned by September 1, 2019 for extra credit of 25 points. Monthly reading logs are worth 100 points for reading 20 minutes a day at home beginning August 10 and ending September 10.
August 12-Read 20 minutes per night
August 19 -Read 20 minutes per night Quiz-Vocabulary Comprehension and Spelling words for August 22



  Quiz October 22
1st Quarter Report Cards October 24, 2016
October28-Nov 1 – Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary :chronometer,thermometer,
Quiz- October 29
Report Cards 10/31
November 4-8-Read 20 minutes per night

Reading Vocabulary Words:inauguration,hue,subsides,grief,prophetic,irony,investor,tuber,

capricious,blur,mentor,provocative,nonexistant, vengeance

Quiz-November 6
November 12-15-Read 20 minutes per night

Reading Vocabulary Words=scaffold,outpost, bind,

wildcat, gingham,orangutan, samurai,taboo, typhoon,honcho,doldrums,manifold,atoll, extol

Quiz- November 13
Interims-November 19,2014
November 17-21-Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=transcript, correct, incomplete, director, income, recommend, inability, compressor, several, dollar, confide, senator, salary, product
Nov. 24-26-Read 20 minutes per night No Quiz


December 1-5-Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=replace, remind, reproduce, research, unfold, revolt, commerce, control, untold, repair, contour, compare, compost, revenge
Quiz- December 4
December 8-12-Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=distracted, inspector, nervous, predictable, professor,regrettable, ridiculous, saddled, specter, suspect, trouble,unanimous, vehicle, verdict
Quiz-December 11
December 19 last day of classes

Christmas Break Dec. 22-January 6, 2014


December 15-19 Final Exams Intensive Reading Edmodo for books, “Tears of a Tiger”
“Son of the Mob””Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie”English Final Language D Summative
Jan. 6-9-Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=compatible, miserable, problematic, simultaneous, desirous, inevitable, synonymous, repulsed, expelled, compelling, courage, debt, drown , herb Quiz January 8


Jan. 12-16 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=honest, honor, hour, however, loyal, noise, points, pounds, power, without, oyster, ouster, boundary, bound,

Quiz Jan. 15

Report Cards-January 9, 2015

Jan. 19-23 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=balm, bomb, jamb, jam, aplomb, embalm, napalm, malign, malignant, wreak, reek, rye, candor, condor

Quiz Jan. 22


January 26-Jan. 30 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=thousand, flour, flower, pouch, pooch, ouch, stout, fragile, insecure, week, weak, incapable, influential, detached
Quiz Jan. 29


Feb. 3-6 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=dictate, hesitate, paraphrase, assess, doghouse, fossil, biography, autobiography, pulsate, idolize, toxic, agitate, bitter, better
Quiz Feb. 5
Feb. 9-13 Read 20 minutes per night

Reading Vocabulary Words=debut,align,repetitive,tantalize,flourish,bilingual,enjoin,ploy,boycott,

tabloid, hoist, poise,decoy, cower


Quiz Feb. 12
February 6-Interims


Feb. 16-20 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=adroit,devour, deftly,reverse, irreversible, hypocrite,devise, alliance,profuse, conform, decay, deactivate, foretell, midtown,  Quiz Feb. 19
Feb. 23-27 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words:=mislead, misapply, inaccurate, overlay, overload,culminate, filtrate, facsimile, cuticle, villain, preamble, flammable, ineffective, antsy
Quiz Feb. 26


March 2-6 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=ambiguous, callous, enclose, mischief, semiprivate, thorn, utilize, preserve, bagel, fowl, foul, rubbish, slouch, usher,  Quiz March 5

March 9-12 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words= collaboration, elegant,orator, speaker, exalted,bedevil, charisma, complacent, cuisine, eloquent, envelop, envelope, label, libel Quiz March 12


Spring Break Spring Break 3/14-3/22
March 23-27 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words= lunar, module, urgency, nonchalance, resemble, ensemble, project, remain, subject, assemble, expense, whisper, fabulous, tolerate,  March 27-Interims
Quiz=March 26


March 30-April 3 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=darted, dim, canopy, bearings, reassign, plopped, intention, weary, clarity, exultation, defiant, defunct, devious, diligent
Quiz-April 2
April 6-10-Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=antiquity, egocentric, innate, lethargic, matriarch, savored, tenacity, verdant, unquenchable, spleen, tidy, tied, escrow zenith Quiz April 09



April 13-17`Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=pecan, squash, canoe, kayak, wigwam, tomato, chipmunk, jaguar, moose, mousse,mouse, premium, expertise, solemn,
Spelling Words=telephone, autoimmune, telescope, autobiography, telecast, doorknob
Quiz -April 16

April 21-25 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words= deposition, prevail, random, opposite, infidelity, disloyal, uncommon, final, ogre, arbitrary, identical, ordinary, preliminary, utility,
Spelling Words=indelible, ordinary, utility, claustrophobia, disloyal, opposite
Quiz -April 20



April 27-May 1 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=noncommittal, peevish, surreal, exertion, edible, relent, coaxing, unhinged, replete, mesmerized, callously, asphyxiation,garish, interpret
Spelling Words=campaign, foreign, apathy, chocolate, because, coax
Quiz- May 1

May 4-8 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=attribute, dwindle thud, protocol, muddle, contrived, static, benign, dread, omit, insidious, inaudible, instigator, duration
Spelling words=attribute, dwindle, thud, protocol, muddle, contrived, static, benign, dread, omit,
Quiz-May 7


May 11-15 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=accessible, belligerent, boisterous, chemotherapy conspicuous, conspiracy, contemporary, delineate, executive, exorbitant, formidable, hypocrisy, temporary,lackadaisical
Spelling Words=no spelling test this week
Quiz-May 14

May 18-22 Read 20 minutes per night Reading Vocabulary Words=hoax, sustain, deprivation, foul, facade, beckon, peruse, rant, delude, adrenaline, repercussions, nausea, pedestrian, decimate
Spelling Words=hoax, sustain, deprivation, foul, facade, beckon, peruse, rant, delude, adrenalin
Quiz-May 21


May 26-May 29 Read 20 minutes per night REVIEW FOR FINAL EXAMS Finals=May 29-June 6
June 1-Final=Period 2, June 4 Final=Period 3 and Period 4-5, June 5 Final=Period 6, June 6=Final Period 7
Summer Reading Read 20 minutes per night