Reading/Language Arts (ELA)

Reading:  We are  learning to ask and respond to questions about texts they have read and use evidence from the text to support their answers. In addition, we will be using the illustrations in a text to understand the characters, setting and mood conveyed or enhanced in the story. 

Guiding questions to ask your student:

  • Who was the main character?
  • Who were the minor characters?
  • What were the main events in the text?
  • Retell the story in order.
  • What in the text made you think that?
  • Which of these details is really important to the story?
  • How does knowing where the story takes place, help you understand the story?
  • Where in the text did you find that key detail?
  • How do you know that it is a key (important) detail?

Key Vocabulary:

  • Question
  • Ask/Answer
  • Demonstrate
  • Understanding
  • Key Details
  • Evidence
  • character
  • convey
  • theme: what is the overall idea of the story?
  • setting: location and time
  • plot: important events and actions that happen during the story

Vocabulary Building: Each week students will learn 5 new vocabulary words through directed teaching and practice. They will take a quiz that covers 2 weeks worth of words. Below you will find our weekly list with sentences to assist at home.

Unit 1: