Essential Learnings

We are learning….

Reading:  Literature is our focus in our current unit of study. Students are learning to recount stories in order and in their own words. Good readers use the details and events in a fable, folktale or myth to help them determine the central message that the author wants readers to learn from the story. We look for the lesson that the character learns in the story to help us understand the moral. 

Writing:   Students are writing Opinion Essays. Students will learn about the power of their words! We will learn how to organize our writing to have our points build throughout our essays. We have a strong focus on the structure of a paragraph (indenting, proper capitalization and punctuation).

Math:   Graphing and data! Students learned to draw and scale bar graphs and picture graphs. Using student generated questions, students surveyed their classmates and recorded the data using tallies and frequency tables. From there, students drew and scaled bar graphs or pictures to display the results of their survey. We analyzed the data asking “how many more” and “how many less” lines of questioning. We incorporated 2-step word problems during this exploration of data. We further dove into 2-step word problems using the four operations. Please see our event calendar for learning assessments. 

Science:  Students are learning about Plants. We are identifying plant parts and their roles in helping the plant to survive.

Social Studies:  In Social Studies we are learning about our government system. We are looking at the levels of government and our system of checks and balances for the branches of government. Students are learning about civic responsibilities and the role that government plays in keeping our communities safe, healthy and organized.