Mr. Arcuri’s Home Page

Welcome to Mr. Arcuri’s class home page!

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Here is brief synopsis of my class:

This year we will be covering topics in history beginning with geography, early
civilizations and moving through time to the Early Americans. We will be taking
a lot of notes, making a lot of note cards and discussing the topics in each chapter during class time.

We will begin each chapter by reading each section in the textbook, making
note cards and taking vocabulary quizzes. Then, we will discuss a variety of topics from the chapter, review and then there will be an assessment. Some chapters will include a project to be completed at home or in class.

After each test, students need to read the next chapter and make note cards for each highlighted yellow term. There will be a quiz on the highlighted words within a day or two of the test.

All questions in the book will due prior to date of that chapter’s test

****Note cards are required to be made for each highlighted word from the chapter. The note cards will be checked on the test date and count toward the homework portion of your grade.***

Students should keep all note cards to study for the semester and final exams!!!!!!!!!

Supply List:

One binder/notebook with pockets

Several packs of 3 X 5 Note Cards

#2 pencils

Blue, Black and Red Pens

Notebook Paper

For helpful quizzes and games and other resources, go to:

To access the on-line text book:

Go to:


The Semester Exam will cover all of the chapters that we have covered so far this year!

Studying your note cards that you made from the highlighted yellow words and in class and your homework are the key to doing well on this exam.

Here are some games that may be helpful in preparing for the Mid-Term Exam.
They should be used along with your note cards, homework and your text book.

The password for each game is: lions


The holiday season is rapidly approaching.  With that being said, we need to be sure that we do not send in any food items as gifts to myself or the school.  We have several students with severe allergies and we need to be mindful.

Gift cards are greatly appreciated and keep all of our students and faculty safe from allergies.

In lieu of gift cards donations can be made to the Griffin Moody Scholarship Fund. 

Information for donations can be found at

Thank you,

Greg Arcuri

 The Final Exam will cover the entire year.  Please study your note cards and study guide to help prepare yourself for the Exam!

The following Jeopardy games should be very helpful in studying for the Final Exam.