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Homework will be given to sharpen and fine tune the skills learned in class.  Most nights (Monday-Thursday) your child will have to read for about 20 minutes. A reading log will be given to activate thinking skills associated with their reading.


Visible Learning

As part of our Visible Learning initiative, our teams created a common “definition” for what makes a “Good Learner” at Patriot Oaks Academy.  Here is the language we are using throughout our grade level.

At home, you can help promote the development of these qualities by utilizing this language when speaking with your child about all learning experiences.

Learners– A learner at Patriot Oaks Academy (Grades K-4)

L– Leader (leads his or her own learning)

E– Establishes and prioritizes goals

A– Asks questions to deepen his or her learning

R– Reflects and self-evaluates (Reflects on the three questions)

N– Never gives up

E– Engages in what he or she is learning

R– Recognizes when they are in the pit and use resources to dig their way out

S– Sees errors as opportunities


Phonics- Word Study

Second grade will be teaching spelling as reading foundational skills through word study units.  This method will help us to ensure the children are learning the roots of the English language in order to decode words while reading.  This is especially important because they are undergoing the transition from learning to read into reading to learn.  Assessments will be given at the end of each pattern in the word study (example: ee, ea, and oa will be assessed 10/1).  These assessments will not be traditional spelling tests, but more like a reading test in which students will need to identify the correct spelling based on the phonics pattern.  The rigor in patterns will increase, as will the expectations for the correct use in assignments across the curriculum.  The end of year expectation is that students will be able to transfer this knowledge into their everyday writing rather than in isolation.  This is a progression that will take place all year.  While we will focus on these lessons a great deal during class, practicing at home will also be helpful. One great way to practice this at home is to identify words with newly learned patterns in nightly reading and to practice writing the words in the context of a sentence.

In addition to phonics patterns, students will also be working though a list of high frequency words which they can work on at their own pace.  The list contains 500 words, however the end of the year expectation is for students to be able to read and write the first 300.  These words do not necessarily follow a pattern rule, and are more conducive to studying spelling by memorization.  Once mastery of the grade level expected 300 is met, we will begin to test spelling on a differentiated basis.

We will work diligently to ensure your child builds the skills required to excel in all testing situations. Thank you for your support at home!

Important Acronyms

D.E- Discovery Education

DFA- District Formative Assessments

BAS- Benchmark Assessment System