Year at a Glance Now Available

To find the English II Honors Year at a Glance planning map, click this link. With this document you will be able to identify the standards we will be focusing on each quarter, as well as the anchor texts we will be using to address these standards. As always, if you have any questions, please shoot me an email! Our SCHOLARS are going to ROCK THEIR ACADEMICS THIS YEAR!


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The ABCs of Writing

abc-clip-art1Whew! Today was a big day! We learned such an important concept–the ABC paragraph! Just as a reminder, here is a breakdown of what we learned:

     A- Assertion. This is your answer to the question

     B- Backing. This is when you use text evidence to prove your assertion. You need a quote AND a page, paragraph, or line number for this part.

     C- Commentary. This is the elaboration part. Here you explain how your backing proves your assertion. You need to write at least 3 sentences.


An example ABC paragraph:

Should students have to wear school uniforms?

Students should have to wear school uniforms. In paragraph 3, the author writes, “A 2012 peer-reviewed study found that one year after Sparks Middle School in Nevada instituted a uniform policy, school police data showed a 63% drop in police log reports, and decreases were also noted in gang activity, student fights, graffiti, property damage, and battery.” This quote illustrates some of the benefits of school uniforms. Not only did the change at Sparks Middle School decrease physical violence, the change decreased the damage done to the property as well. With the distraction of poor behavior taken away, students can focus on being successful in school.

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