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People (students), YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING NIGHTLY!!!!!

UNIT TEST: Tuesday/Wednesday of September 5&6- Scientific Method Test

Unit 1 is drawing to a close. A lot of you aren’t doing well. STUDYING NIGHTLY WOULD HELP.

Some of you need to step it up. Your grades are starting to reflect what you do in class. Please ask questions if you are confused about something. Doing nothing is not an option.

Any of you that need any extra help please let me know. You are more than welcome to stay after school for tutoring. Mon-Thurs 2pm-3:15pm. Please make sure you have parent transportation before staying. Thank you to those students who have been utilizing your study time during class. Keep up the good work!

Daily Agenda

Monday 9/4 Tuesday 9/5 Wednesday 9/6
Thursday 9/7 Friday 9/8


HOMEWORK: Study for Scientific Method Test

Theory Vs. Law Notes



Scientific Method Test

HOMEWORK: Study Notes for Theory Law Quiz



Test: Scientific Method Test

HOMEWORK:  Study Notes for Theory Law Quiz


Notes: Theory Law Quiz

HOMEWORK: Review Energy Notes

Theory Law Quiz


HOMEWORK: Review Energy Notes

Monday 9/11
Tuesday 9/12
Wednesday 9/13
Thursday 9/14
Friday 9/15

Energy Heat Notes

 Study Notes


  Energy Heat Notes/ Review

HOMEWORK: Study Notes


HOMEWORK: Review Notes


 Heat Energy Test



 Heat Energy Test