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Welcome to Sixth Grade Math and Algebra 1 Honors!

Thank you for visiting this page!  All math students will need a (free) Khan Academy account this year.  Students may need help from parents when creating their accounts since an email address is required.  Please use students’ first and last names as usernames so that I will be able to identify the children :)!

Khan Academy – Create an Account

Once the account has been created, log in and click the Coaches tab and enter our virtual classroom’s code to begin the sixth grade math mission:  73EY5G OR the Algebra 1 mission: PJC7DM .

More information may be found on the syllabus:

6th Grade Standard Math Syllabus – Westberry 2015-2016

6th Grade Advanced Math Syllabus – Westberry 2015-2016

Algebra 1 Honors Syllabus – Westberry 2015-2016

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website!  Let’s have a mathemagical year!

~ Kristin Westberry