Spelling Practice

Spelling tests are given every Wednesday. New words are given right after.

The following activities can be used to practice the spelling words. 

1) Regular Sort: Practice sorting and spelling your words aloud.

2) Speed Sort: Use a timer and time how quickly you can correctly sort your words. What is your fastest sort before test day?

3) Blind Sort: Practice with a friend or parent-quiz each other on the words by saying a word and then writing it in the correct group and spelling it correctly.

4) Word Hunt: Using a magazine or newspaper, go on a hunt for other words that fit the same spelling patterns and groups as the ones you are studying this week.

5) Cash Value: If A=$1, B=$2 etc. What is the cash value of each of your spelling words? Change around the cash values for different challenges.

6) Dictation Sentences: Have someone quiz you by giving you a dictated sentence to write down verbatim. Spell every word correctly and make sure the sentence has correct grammar and punctuation.

7) Word Pyramids: Write each word as a pyramid adding one letter at a time until the word is complete.

8) Definitions and sentences: Practice saying the definition and/or each word in a sentence that demonstrates the meaning of the word.

9) Write your words in two colors: Using red to point out the letters that form the specific pattern the word is sorted by.