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1st Nine Weeks Learning Expectations

LANGUAGE ARTS During this nine weeks students will learn how to read scientific and historical texts.  They will learn how to identify cause/effect relationships in these type of texts as well as how to identify the sequence of events.  Next students will learn how to identify various text structures (cause/effect, problem/solution, comparison, description, and sequence).  Students will also learn how sentences and paragraphs are connected because of the structure the author chose to write in.  We will also learn how to identify the author’s point of view in an article.  Next we will learn how to compare and contrast two articles on the same topic. Finally we will begin to explore the difference between literal and non-literal language.

MATH During this nine weeks students will continue to practice their basic multiplication facts with mastery being shown by answering 50 questions in 5 minutes with 90% accuracy.  Students will also be learning how to solve two-step word problems involving the 4 operations.  Students will learn the properties of multiplication and how they are helpful in finding the area of rectangles and composite figures.  We will spend some time learning about fractions. Students will learn how to identify fractions, name fractions, and find equivalent fractions.  Finally students will begin to learn about shapes.  Students will be expected to name and describe shapes based on various attributes.

SOCIAL STUDIES– Students will learn about our government.  Students will learn about the three branches of government, (executive, legislative, and judicial).  They will also learn who are members of each and what their responsibilities are.  Finally students will learn about the various levels of government, with an emphasis on our local government. 

SCIENCEDuring this nine weeks students will learn about the various properties of matter.  Students will learn what makes a solid a solid, a liquid a liquid, and what makes up a gas.  Students will also learn about the changes matter can go through.  From a gas to a liquid, a liquid to a solid/gas, a solid to a liquid.  Students will also learn about physical and chemical changes.



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