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 Week of November 6-10

Monday – Resource B (Media2)  –

Tuesday –  Resource C (Music) –

Wednesday – NO Resource – Math Test

Thursday – Resource D (PE)  –

Friday – Resource E (Art) –Spelling Test

LANGUAGE ARTS  This week we will begin to talk about point of view.  We will begin by exploring how the character’s view events and situations in a story – the character’s point of view.  Then we will look at the narrator’s point of view.  We will finish the unit talking about how our own point of view maybe different from the narrator’s or the character’s point of view.

MATH  This week we will finish discussing fractions greater than one and line plots.  Students have learned how to identify and name fractions greater than one both in pictures and on the number line.  We’ve also learned how to create line plots.  Students will spend some time this week practicing making line plots before taking the test on Wednesday, November 8th.

SCIENCE– Students will be given a study guide on Monday which covers our next science unit – the Sun and Stars.  Students will be learning about stars and about the one closest to us (our Sun).  The test is set for Thursday, November 30th.


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