Academic Subjects

Here is our Daily Schedule .

Reading & Phonics:

Please make sure your child is reading at home nightly.  To build fluency, they should be reading out loud so that they can hear themselves.  It’s also important for you to read and discuss the story with them.  Practice these Comprehension Strategies when your child is reading.  Your child can use these Reading strategies to sound out difficult words.  Go ahead and print out a bookmark and they can use it as a reference! 🙂  Here is a Sound Chart that they can use to help them sound out words.  Practicing these phonics sound charts can also help students read difficult words that can’t just be sounded out.

You can use the graphic organizers below when your child is reading at home.  These graphic organizers help your child explain and retell what happened in the story.

Writing & Grammar:

Our goal this year is for students to express their ideas in writing.  Using complete sentences that have a capital letter and proper punctuation is important.  We are using a writing program called Being a Writer that will bring in authentic literature to guide us with our writing process.  Students will write daily and I can’t wait to see their writing growth throughout the year.

To help your writer at home you can have them use the graphic organizers when they read stories.  You can also have them choose different writing topics and write a story.  For fiction and non fiction stories they can use a dazzling beginning or topic sentence, detailed sentences, and a wrap it up sentence.  We will practice this writing process throughout the year.


In first grade we really focus on number sense, addition/subtraction math facts, and explaining how they solve different math problems.  Memorizing math facts will support addition and subtraction abilities.  Ex: 1+5=4, 2+6=8.  Flash cards are a great tool to use for practicing math facts.  Here is a list of flash cards to make for your child.


We will focus on the scientific method process so that students are inquiring about the world around them while using our 5 senses.

Social Studies:

Our main focus is building the community within school and more broadly within our world.