Snack time is a great time for developing friendships and expanding social skills, as well as implementing table manners.

We ask that all snacks be healthy, as we have a lot of learning that takes place all day. Thanks!

Snack Suggestions:

Juice-100% apple, orange, juicy juice, Gatorade (you may buy the large gallon jugs (3 or 4) to provide for the whole week if you do not want to purchase juice boxes per child. Please provide small plastic cups if you prefer to purchase gallons of juice.) NO RED, BLUE, OR PURPLE JUICE PLEASE!

Snack- cheese sticks, yogurt, fresh fruit, fruit cups, goldfish, graham crackers, pretzels, crackers and cheese, veggie straws, cheezits, dry cereal… NO NUTS OR PEANUT BUTTER PLEASE!!! If your snack needs a spoon, please be sure to send spoons.

Please no candy or gummy snacks, we want to promote healthy eating habits!