Supply List

Timberlin Creek

2017-2018 Elementary School

Pre-Kindergarten Supply List



Items to be shared with class:

Unscented baby wipes                                      2 packs (50)

Crayons                                                               1 box (8 crayons)

Erasers                                                                 1 pack for pencil tips

Pencils                                                                 1 pack (golf sized or fat, dozen)

Brown paper or white paper “lunch” bags      1 pack (12)

Lysol/Clorox wipes                                             1 container

Zipper lock sandwich size bags                         1 box

Zipper lock quart size bags                               1 box

Unscented tissues                                              2 boxes

Paper towels                                                       2 rolls

Black sharpie markers (thick kind)          2

Thin dry erase markers                                      1 package (2)

Painters tape (any color)                                   1 roll

Band-aids                                                            1 box


Individual Items:

* 1 water bottle or sippy cup with water DAILY

* 1 rest mat (we recommend the red and blue ones that are about 1 inch thick)

* 1 crib size fitted sheet

* 1 small blanket (no comforters or sleeping bags please)

* 2 sets of extra clothes including socks (and underwear if potty-trained)

* 1 backpack (not toddler size– needs to fit folder and other items on daily basis and sheets and blanket twice a week)

*1 family picture that we may keep (4×6 please)


* Diapers or pull-ups (must be Velcro pull-ups) if not potty-trained

* 2 more packs of wipes (if your child is not potty-trained)