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Resource schedule A – E, 2017-18, M Tu Th Fr

Resource schedule A – E, 2017-18, Wednesday

2017-2018 5 day rotation

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Art Club Schedule 2017-18

Art Club is held Thursdays from 2:50 – 4:00.

4th grade Art Club begins: August 24, 2017

5th grade Art Club begins: August 31, 2017

Wish List – We are still collecting egg cartons!

Anyone wishing to help out in the art room, please contact
Mrs. Stroer.



All grades and classes will use the same study guides.  Tests will be announced in art class and will be posted at that time.

The first project is Square 1.  This year the students are doing a collage of painted papers.  Art is sent to the Square 1 company to be fed into their computers.  Students will get a catalogue of items they can purchase, with a portion of the cost being donated to PVPV/Rawlings.  Dates will be posted soon!


Types of Art study guide.  Date to be announced.

Study guide for Art Test 1.  Date to be announced.


 The website is being developed.  More information coming soon!