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I am thrilled to be a Yellow Jacket!! Please take a look around. You will find many useful links. Daily information, such as homework and notes, will be found on Schoology.

11.30.18 Honors Alg 2 Non-Linear Systems Link-Watch the five videos on Khan
Geometry Nation: 021618InstructionsPdf
CentersOfTrianglesReview1718 – Geometry 02.08.18
Polygon Scavenger Hunt(2) 01.11.18 – Geometry 01.11.18
TransformationsPacketPwrPtAnswers – Geometry 12.12.17
Geometry Semester 1 REVIEW 16-17 (003) – Geometry Midterm Review

Math Logic Games,  Kahoot

Tools for Success – Mrs. Smith’s Supply List 1819

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Worksheet Works, Purple Math,, Cool Math, Khan Academy

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PERT Test Algebra 1 Practice 

PERT Test Arithmetic Practice

Geometry Flipped Classroom 

Geometry EOC Practice Portal

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