Comprehensive Science 2

Biological Science



Teacher: Mr. Sirak

Email: [email protected]

Room: H106

Phone: 904-547-7777 (ext: 23767)


Homework and Tests

  • There will be homework assigned at least once a week and it will be due the following class.
  • Quizzes, tests and summative assessments will be given on a regular basis (Friday’s). Some of the quizzes will be pop quizzes.
  • New vocabulary/spelling words will be given on Fridays and definitions are due on Monday’s.

Grading Scale

A   90%- 100%

B   80% – 89.9%

C   70% – 79.9%

D   60 %   – 69.9%

F    0%      – 59.9%


Classroom Policy

  • Homework will be accepted late with a grade reduction. 1 class late will result in 1 letter grade taken off. After 1 class the homework will not be accepted.
  • If absent the student will be given the same amount of time to complete the assignment that the rest of the class received, please try to keep up to date through the website, edmodo or contact throughout the year.
  • Grade recovery will be dealt with on a per student basis.
  • Contact with parents will be on a regular basis, either through teacher website, email, phone calls or parent-teacher conference.
  • Discipline for any classroom rule violation will include the teacher, student and the parent. If no appropriate punishment can be agreed upon then the Dean will be brought in to mediate.
  • You will be expected to keep a notebook.  Your ability to keep this notebook organized will be HUGE in making you successful in this class.


Biology I

This is it! Biology I with the End of Course Exam!!!!! We are going to be outrageously successful this year.  Remember, this is a state-written test.  You and every student taking Biology in Florida will be taking this same test.  The test MUST be 30% of your final grade.  We can absolutely ROCK THIS!!!!!

First quarter, we will be covering the following topics:

  • The Practice of Science (this is a REVIEW!!!!)
  • Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge (ALSO a review)
  • The Role of Theories, Laws, Hypothesis, and Models
  • Matter and Energy Transformations (still reviewing . . .)
  • Organization and Development of Organisms (NEW!)


Yes, it is some review, so we’ll go after it in new ways to keep it fresh – and a little reminder never hurt, right?

We will cover many more topics throughout the year, this is just our starting point.

We’ll be taking the county evaluations at the end of every quarter.  If you don’t “get” it the first time, we’ll remediate for credit so you can move on.