WE DID IT…the Writing FSA is over!

I’m so proud of the students and how hard they worked for today’s Writing FSA!  For the past week, we have been having a Writing Boot Camp — a fun way to review our writing skills!

Day one we went outside to change our scenery.  Then we thought of all our concerns and worries about the FSA, and we BLEW them away.

The next day we made trail mix to remind us of the great things writers do.
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Another day we added “light” to our writing.  Each student was given a finger light, and we wrote in the dark. (This might have been the class favorite.)

We discussed the “extra special things” we do to our writing…think “sprinkles.”  Of course, we had to enjoy some sprinkle cupcakes.

On the last day, we put it altogether.  We discussed how this is like a puzzle.  We played the game Scoot to review.  And the students were given mini Rubik’s cubes as a fun reminder of how pieces go together and come to a great resolution.

Our wonderful room mom made these precious, personalized pencil pouches for our students.  Inside were two pencils, an eraser, and an adorable note.  Plus, she sent in granola bars and donuts.  The students are so blessed to have her to love on them like this!

THE WRITING FSA FOR FOURTH GRADE IS DONE!  I call it our SHOW OFF DAY!  I hope all the students SHOWED OFF all they have learned about writing this year.

As a side note, the students are loving our Kahoot game about geometry.  Here’s a quick photo of today’s game.

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Heading into spring break…

Our Greek Mythology Unit this week was great!

We celebrated Pi Day (3.14)!

Our class with the Pi Banner
These boys got 100 out of 100 on our multiplication timed test…we are up to 3-1/2 minutes for 100 problems!  Way to go!…now time for spring break!  Enjoy!

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Lots of great things

Our class make me so proud.  We’ve had Paw Pat winners, a Leader of the Pack winner, a field trip to Kennedy Space Center, and Meet the Artist!

I saw this meme and adore it.  Some of you have done this over the school year.  I don’t know if I’ve ever said thank you.  It means so much!

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