5 days and counting

We walked in the door today with only FIVE days left of 4th grade.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.

We turned our desks into forts for CAMP READ A LOT.  The students built forts out of blankets and read while listening to nature music.  We also went and read to a kindergarten class.  With them, we turned out the lights and read with our flashlights.  The kindergarten teacher had stars she projected on the ceiling.  It was like camping again.  So fun!

We had our last Escape Room.  The theme: EMOJI ISLAND.  I’m happy to report that all of my students escaped!  

Our first place winners

Our second place winners

Our third place winners

The students and I read Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss.  Then the students all wrote a letter to their future self about where they think they will be by the time high school graduation comes.  The letters were sealed in an envelope not to be opened again for 8 more years!

Tomorrow we’ll be down to just 4 days to go and on the schedule are Minute To Win It games with the entire 4th grade!

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We had a busy week of recognitions!  
Our 4th quarter Leader of the Pack was recognized on Thursday.

On Friday morning we recognized our 4th quarter multiplication math club kiddos.  These students did 100 multiplication problems with perfect accuracy in 3 minutes.  Awesome job!

Then Friday afternoon, we recognized our students who read all 15 Sunshine State books with a PIZZA PARTY!


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The FSA came.  Our AWESOME room mom made these special treats for the kiddos!

This week we became doctors and worked on a full ELA review.  We read about different organs in the body and body parts.  We answered questions and then went to the operating room.

Doctors studying up on their patients.

In the “Operating Room” – Katie acting as our Chief Surgeon

The doctors after a long day of studying and surgery.

We had some Paw Pat winners this week!!!

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