Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my wonderful families!

We got back to it this week!  Monday I loved seeing all the kiddos back.  We had exciting classroom news when we had a Paw Pat winner during the morning announcements!

The day got better and that evening, when my Clemson Tigers took the championship win for college football.  Both of my parents went to Clemson; I was born in Anderson, South Carolina; and I attended Clemson.  This was a special win for me and my family. 

Good news continued this week when we had 4 students recognized for reading all the 2018-2019 Sunshine State Books.  We got the news in two batches; hence, the two separate photos.  Way to go!

We started a Problem of the Week (P.O.W.).  I told the students to try the problem with their families this weekend.  We finally solved it on Friday, so your child should have the answer.  If your child needs a reminder of the problem, here you go:
A milkman has an 8 liter jar, a 5 liter jar, and a 3 liter jar. Currently, the 8 liter jar is full of milk while the 5 liter and the 3 liter jars are empty. He reaches a house and a woman asks for 4 liters of milk. However, the milkman has no 4 liter jar and has no markings in the existing jars. How can the milkman pour milk into the jars in such a way that he can sell 4 liters of milk to the woman without throwing any milk away or giving her extra milk?  (You can’t pour half the milk into the 5 liter gar as the widths are different.)

Thank you for being wonderful families in our classroom.  Your support makes my job feel a lot less like work — so glad to be back with my favorite kids for another great semester!

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Candy Cane Packaging

Have you ever tried to ship a candy cane to the North Pole?  Well, we really didn’t send them to the North Pole, but on Friday we did have to package and ship them like what might happen at the post office.  Our STEM activity was to see who could package their candy canes with the lowest packaging weight.  Then “ship” the candy canes, unwrap the package, and see who “shipped” without any broken candy canes.  We had a few who didn’t have broken candy canes.  And a final winner as they had the lowest package weight as well as no broken candy canes.  We were learning all the way to winter break!  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


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December Fun

We have been so busy in portable 2!  We had another Paw Pat winner.  Way to go!  

We have been deep in our lesson on space and spent some time making paper rockets.  We tested these in the hall and “flew” them with the air from our lungs and straws.  

Check out our Dollar Word Wall now that we have come to the end of the second nine weeks.  These kids amaze me.  They love to investigate the “value” of words!  They truly are WORD COLLECTORS!

Somewhere along the way in December, I either lost my mind or made an incredible lesson on area & perimeter. It’s probably a little of both. 🤣 The students calculated the area and perimeter of their desk and then calculated the overhang. Next, they got to wrap their desks.  They loved it!  A few of them even told me this afternoon that taking a science test on a wrapped desk was “fun”!!

All of us are looking forward to Winter Break!  We will be refreshed and ready to make 2019 incredible!



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