Escape in Time or Become a Zombie?

For Halloween, we did a fun math challenge — an Escape Room!  We had to try to escape the room in time or become a zombie.  Five teams participated, three escaped while two groups became zombies.  🧟  We had a great conversation about growth mindset through this challenge.  It also was a fun way for kids to review math skills we have learned so far this year.  Could you escape?


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LPA – Jacksonville USO Partnership

I wanted to share this letter with you.  A copy will be included in today’s Tuesday folder as well.

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to announce the 8th annual Liberty Pines Academy-Jacksonville USO partnership.  Students support our military through letters of appreciation and assembling care packages of basic commodities.  This year, we will have one large, school-wide, supply collection and letter writing focus in the month of November and December.  These supplies will be made in to holiday “stockings” and students will create festive letters for the December holidays.

A USO approved list of items is attached below.  All donations of these small items are appreciated.   Please send in all items to be included in the care package to your child’s classroom by Wednesday, December 5th.  (Early donations welcome and will be stored safely with the classroom teachers.)  No late supplies will be accepted, as we are on a tight deadline to get these items and letters shipped to soldiers by the end of December.

All letters/poems will be written in class.  However, if parents, siblings, or other family members would like to include a piece of writing in the care package, feel free.  Please send it in by Wednesday, December 5th.

Thank you so much for your support of our endeavor.  The students are excited to show support and appreciation for our military soldiers for the eighth year in a row.

LPA Teachers and Staff

Items being accepted: 2018-2019 Carepackage


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You Are A Wonder

Our read aloud for the first nine weeks was the novel, Wonder.  I read it aloud every year to my class. When I finish the book, I always miss the characters who had come alive in our room for so many weeks.  This week my students told one each other why they are wonders!  It was so nice to see the students being thoughtful about what they wrote on a classmate’s paper.  The students did one for me too (and I did theirs as well).  My favorite comment was, “You are an authentic teacher.”  It really is a blessing to read these pages full of sincere comments about why we are all unique.
Some of the students wanted to bring their wonder papers home; other students wanted their paper to hang in the classroom.It didn’t matter to me if the kids wanted to display it at school or share it at home.  I just wanted them to have this as a reminder that they are really a WONDER!

Sanjana and Jalen participated in the school’s Red Ribbon Writing Challenge.  Both were awarded this bracelet from our guidance counselor, Mrs. Cox.

Zachary won a Paw Pat for the week.  Way to go!!

Our class is looking forward to some exciting activities happening this week for both Halloween and the school’s Fun Run!🎃🏃

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