September- Writing Ideas:

Indent –ET phone home!  Start off with it, and at the beginning of each new paragraphs.

Red to Red: Holes go on the left to start with. Indent from the red line and write to the sneaky red line.

 No skipping lines.

Topic –set the hook! Capture your reader!! First impressions!!! Grabber!!!!

Onomatopoeia –“sound words,” crack, swirl, exploded, swish, thundered.  

Alliteration – Whistling wind, wandering water, slithering snake.

Simile – like/as, compare to objects. The thunder roared like a freight train barreling down the tracks.

Million dollar words- no more little words to describe something! Good = marvelous, and  incredible!

Personification-  The tree stretched/reached into the heavens.  Giving objects human traits.

Hyperbole – to exaggerate. “If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times!” Used often in everyday conversations. “Enough food to feed an army.”

Color Words- red turns into fire engine red. Orange sun in the sky turns into: The sun appeared on the horizon like a massive tangerine.  (Simile too)

Transition Words – Create direction/flow: furthermore, in addition, first, to sum up my thoughts, to begin with, in conclusion.

Use details -Back up you statement with details and examples. Bring strength into your writing. Explain to your reader why, make them a believer, win them over, and convince them.

Put your five senses into your narrative writing. Make connections with your audience.

Ask yourself does my piece of writing answer who, what, why, when, where, and how?

Chronological order can be beneficial in your expository writing.  Step by step or timing.

Try not to tell your reader where you are, but instead create such vivid imagery that you take them there. And, maybe sneak in the location in after you take them there with your amazing writing.

Brainstorming can help…..  Yes, it can. Lists, webs, 4 square, outlines. jotting down ideas.

Use your voice in your writing. Bring your style into your writing.

Conversations are important. Please use your quotations properly. Furthermore, do away with “he said, she said.” Jazz it up; yelled, screamed, shouted, whispered, etc.

Use the basic 5 paragraph model to start off with regarding your expository, and then build upon it.

Do not write “The End”, or “To Be Continued” at the end.

Proof Read your writing. Pretend you’ve never seen it. Read it word for word, whisper it if need be.

Finish Strong. Leave your reader with your best.


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