September- Writing Ideas:

Indent –ET phone home!  Start off with it, and at the beginning of each new paragraphs.

Red to Red: Holes go on the left to start with. Indent from the red line and write to the sneaky red line.

 No skipping lines.

Topic –set the hook! Capture your reader!! First impressions!!! Grabber!!!!

Onomatopoeia –“sound words,” crack, swirl, exploded, swish, thundered.  

Alliteration – Whistling wind, wandering water, slithering snake.

Simile – like/as, compare to objects. The thunder roared like a freight train barreling down the tracks.

Million dollar words- no more little words to describe something! Good = marvelous, and  incredible!

Personification-  The tree stretched/reached into the heavens.  Giving objects human traits.

Hyperbole – to exaggerate. “If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times!” Used often in everyday conversations. “Enough food to feed an army.”

Color Words- red turns into fire engine red. Orange sun in the sky turns into: The sun appeared on the horizon like a massive tangerine.  (Simile too)

Transition Words – Create direction/flow: furthermore, in addition, first, to sum up my thoughts, to begin with, in conclusion.

Use details -Back up you statement with details and examples. Bring strength into your writing. Explain to your reader why, make them a believer, win them over, and convince them.

Put your five senses into your narrative writing. Make connections with your audience.

Ask yourself does my piece of writing answer who, what, why, when, where, and how?

Chronological order can be beneficial in your expository writing.  Step by step or timing.

Try not to tell your reader where you are, but instead create such vivid imagery that you take them there. And, maybe sneak in the location in after you take them there with your amazing writing.

Brainstorming can help…..  Yes, it can. Lists, webs, 4 square, outlines. jotting down ideas.

Use your voice in your writing. Bring your style into your writing.

Conversations are important. Please use your quotations properly. Furthermore, do away with “he said, she said.” Jazz it up; yelled, screamed, shouted, whispered, etc.

Use the basic 5 paragraph model to start off with regarding your expository, and then build upon it.

Do not write “The End”, or “To Be Continued” at the end.

Proof Read your writing. Pretend you’ve never seen it. Read it word for word, whisper it if need be.

Finish Strong. Leave your reader with your best.


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August/September, Team 110: Newsletter

-Mileage Club: Team 110 has started a light running program, and every student is participating. Please encourage your child to take pride and effort in their preparation to achieve a Physical Fitness Award.

Physical Fitness Award:  One of Team 110’s goals for this school year is to achieve either the Presidential Fitness Award or the National Fitness Award.  We will be working on the Mile Challenge Run, Pull-Ups, shuttle Run, and the Sit and Reach at school. Please help your child find success in this conquest by helping with Sit-ups, and other areas of the test at home.    You can find all the data, times, and qualifications at:

Sunshine State Young Reader’s Book Idea: Due to factors such as a decrease library budget and the enormous popularity of the SSYRA program these books are in high demand. I was hoping that parents would purchase a book that their child requests from the 3-5 grade level SSYRA list. After the book is purchased and read,   implement a way to exchange( SSYRA) books amongst the class.

Red RB Hunt Spirit Shirts: On Fridays I would like all members of Team 110 to wear their Red RB Hunt Spirit Shirts. Shirts can be purchased for ten dollars through the office and proceeds go to PTAO. Red clothing and years past RB Hunt shirts are more than fine.

AR points: Every night there will be 30-45 minutes of Accelerated Reading (AR) assigned as homework.  This is an excellent motivational program that will inspire students to read more. There are also many benefits to gaining AR points, such as: Battle of Books, SSYRA Ice Cream Party, Reading Special Event, and certain classroom privileges.

Math Facts: Mastery of Math Facts plays a huge role in Team 110’s daily success. Each day students will complete a minimum of 100-200 math facts. Students will achieve this through Math Facts in a Flash, Timed Practice Tests, and flash card games. A wonderful way to prepare your child is to him/her go to: ,and practice daily at home.

FCAT Explorer: Next week (or when passwords arrive) students will be getting their FCAT Explorer Sign-in-name and Password.  The FCAT Explorer fourth grade Reading Odyssey should be completed before the FCAT Reading Test begins.  Students are encouraged to spend time at home completing FCAT Explorer.  If internet is an issue please let me know and I will provide more time in school.

Writing Journals: Many assignments are completed in class and in the writing journal. Please feel free to request a time to stop in and check it out –if you wish.

Writing Information for Parents: Fourth graders are not professional writers. Please praise them for their pride and effort, their imagination, and things they are doing write. Remember writing is personal and should always be positive.

Awesome Start to an Awesome School Year: The growth and improvement has been amazing for only the being of school.  All the students are wonderful. After meet the teacher on Friday, the portable was struck by lightning. We lost AC, wireless, internet, printer, TV, and phone. Mr. Kledzik, Mr. Schreiber, and the district have been huge in getting us back on track.

In closing: The first couple of weeks are mostly filled with getting a set routine, getting to know one another, establishing a team atmosphere, and testing (baselines) to establish growth throughout the year and to understand where we need to spend more time on certain content and concepts.


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