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University of Diversity

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“U of D” is:

 A literacy-based inclusion model emphasizing core values, vocabulary development and higher level thinking skills.


I am a full-time ESE Support Facilitator in both Mrs. Wright’s 1st grade and Mrs. Every’s 2nd grade classrooms.  It is our mission to provide academic information to all students as effectively and efficiently as possible.  My specific role is to ensure that students designated with varying disabilities receive supplemental facilitation in order for them to be successful within the general education classroom.  This is provided in a variety of ways including small group instruction, 1:1 assistance and proximity during lessons.  I work very closely with Mrs. Every and Mrs. Wright to provide fluency within the classroom while facilitating learning for all.

The University of Diversity, a pertinent component of our classroom, is a literacy-based inclusion program emphasizing core values, vocabulary development and higher level thinking.  The core values have developed into a school-wide model consistent with the AVID strategies utilized within all classrooms.