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Welcome to the 247-Member Pacetti Bay Middle School Band!

Band students have the opportunity participate in beginning band or advanced band; additionally, selected students have the opportunity to participate in our jazz band.

Moms and Dads

Periodic messages will be sent via Schoology and school email to make you aware of upcoming activities, performances and assessments.

Please click on the various pages (right).  You will find information about test material, curriculum, and concert dates.

Information from one of our local music stores:

Music and Arts

WELCOME new students!

New students with band experience should audition for placement in one of our three advanced classes.  Please see the “new students with experience” page for information.

Incoming 6th graders with no experience may enroll in beginning band.  We look forward to getting started in August.  Beginning band students will not be playing instruments until September, so please do not make an instrument purchase at this time.  Please check out our Beginning Band page.  At this time, beginning band is open only to 6th graders.  If space permits, 7th and 8th graders will be able to join.

Saint Augustine Orchestra

Here’s the link to the Saint Augustine Orchestra.  Students are offered tickets at discounted rates.

Here’s the link to the Saint Augustine Community Band.  Students are offered tickets at discounted rates.

Saint Augustine Community Band


Mr. Sellers

Mr. Sellers, Teacher, Conductor