Spring production

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE WEEK OF APRIL 23RD(Shakespeare’s birthday!)

Ok okies, you want it , you got it. This will ensure our total mastery of this show! (we are close to being on target-good job!)

Monday  4-9 in the PAC. Bring plenty of food-30 minute dinner break at 6pm

Tuesday 4-9 in PAC(same deal for dinner)

Wednesday 3-9 in other places (cafeteria, classrooms, etc (same deal for dinner) chorus students excused for chorus practice, but can come to play rehearsal after)

Thursday is chorus concert –  no rehearsal (unless student that aren’t in chorus want to run lines in class)

Friday4-9pm in PAC same dinner deal

Saturday, April 28th is a biology review in the PAC until 12:30-We can set up a rehearsal from 1-9 with Sunday as set building and dressing day, although we won’t have much to do with the set by then.