March Madness!

Proud of our Polar Region Research

Proud of our Polar Region Research

March certainly came in like a lion…Well, more like a cheetah! Students had so much fun galloping around the track and helped earn our school a lot of money in the process. Our annual Mustang Gallop was a huge success. Thanks to all the parents who donated time and money to this annual fundraiser. Students earned a lot of bracelets while running around the track with their 2nd grade friends. Click on the Mustangs on the Run link below for a photo gallery of the day’s event!

Mustangs on the Run

Before we head into Spring Break, we had to show off our writing and room. Students have been working so very hard to learn to write non-fiction reports. They each chose an animal from the Polar regions to research and write about. The reports are AMAZING! They also created dioramas to show the habitat of their animals. These dioramas, as well as the group projects and art projects they worked on in class, served to turn Room 201 into a replica of the Polar lands. We even had an igloo delivered to our room! My only complaint was that I couldn’t get our room as cold as the South Pole!!!

Each 2nd grade classroom chose a different habitat to research. Today, we spent time traveling to each of the other habitats. Boy, do we have some creative and talented 2nd graders here at Mill Creek! Check out the Habitat Fun link below to see some of the fun!

Habitat Fun


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