My name is Ms/Madame Scheffer.
I teach AP Psychology, Psychology 1 & 2,
French 1 & 2,
Pre-AICE French 1, 2, 3
AICE French 4 and AP French 5.
This may seem like an odd combination to you, but look at the history of Psychology to see how French it is! Look at this Infographic!

Bilingual Brain_Infographic_final_Jan29-01-1000x1545
I look forward to having a successful school year and working with your student. Please know that I am available for help Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings before school, but it is best  to set up an appointment. Please don’t hesitate to seek help.

If you would like to contact me, click on the link below:
[email protected]

AP Psych

Understanding Psychology  Psychology 1
                            Psychology 2

D'ACC 1  French 1 Syllabus

D'ACC2  French 2 Syllabus

D'ACC  French 3 Syllabus

THEMES    Supersite

EXTRA CREDIT: (not accepted during the last two weeks of a quarter) – Email me the connection between this image and the history of St. Augustine!

Ft. Caroline