Mr. Rosenberg’s Home Page

2014/2015-  Construction Courses


                                                           Teacher: Mr. Mike Rosenberg

Welcome! This year, we will continue our progress with the state’s curriculum and the completion of community based projects. This course requires students to demonstrate academic and hands-on skills that are related to the construction industry.  

We are using the state adopted NCCER curriculum ( Students have the option to obtain NCCER industry certification. Students that are motivated to complete the academic and hands on requirements can apply for the certification.

Each week, I schedule a combination of academic and hands-on activities Students are always being prompted to improve their skills with safety, communication, and employability. Safety is always the 1st priority in my classroom/shop.

There are a variety of projects going on in our shop. Each project has a multiple of purposes and objectives. During hands-on time, all students are encouraged to participate with each project. With all projects, students are grouped into teams that are structured with multiple positions and responsibilities. We are always eager to take on tasks that can benefit the community.



This page will often be updated with changes or added information. Please try to check this page on a weekly basis.

Current Big Projects/Activities

1.  Industry Certification

2.  Competition Team (Girls and Boys)

3.  Completion of 10 lifeguard towers for beach this summer.

4.  Development of Masonry Practice area (Pit) at outside of shop.

5.  Completion/Installation of 4 large planter boxes at Otis Mason.

6.  Greenhouse for STEM

7.  PMHS Entrance makeover.

8.  Industry Awareness Program (Visitors from a variety of industry trades/colleges)


Course Information (Guide)



50% – Participation (Hands On) – Demonstrate the the following major skills:
      Employability Skills – Teamwork, Attendance, Behavior,
      Communication Skills- Positive attitude. 
      Class/Shop Procedures- Initiative, awareness


30% – Academics
     Vocabulary Activities
     Journal Articles (Wednesdays)
     Text assignments


20% – Exams




EXTRA CREDIT – For missing academic assignments or unexcused absences:


Journal Article –
Students that have unexcused absences have the option to submit a journal articles
to receive some extra credit points. These points will be credited to their participation
points/scores and/or missing academic assignments. Students must submit article(s)
within three days after they have returned to shcool.


Past Community Projects:
1.    Bat Houses Florida Army National Guard .
2.    Lifeguard Towers St. Johns County Marine Rescue
3.    School Benches/Furniture Pedro Menendez

4.    Sheds Habitat for Humanity

5.   School Picnic Tables Pedro Menendez

 6.   School Falcon Adirondack Chairs and a variety of furniture Pedro Menendez courtyard.

 7.   Green Table – Resotration Parks and Recreation

 8.   Green House at Gamble Rogers Middle School
9.    Shed at Beach Community Garden Park (near Pope Road)
10.  Picnic Tables and benches for SAYS.