Welcome to Civics! 

I love this course! Civics ROCKS!

It’s very important that you don’t fall behind in civics. There is a great deal of challenging information to keep up with. Reminder that you will have a cumulative end of course exam (EOC) in May. This exam will account for 30% of your grade. I will work diligently with you each day to prepare you for the EOC and our unit tests. 

Helpful websites to study and practice your civics:
Mr. Raymond has great videos on YouTube
Citizenship review
Supreme Court Cases review:
American Political Parties review:

Homework information: It is very important that you use your class time wisely. I prefer you to get most of your work done in class, so that I’m there to assist you. However, if you do not complete your practice work during class, you will need to complete it for homework, along with any specifically assigned homework. 

*Make sure you write your homework down in your planner each day.*