Symphonic Band


Symphonic Band is a performance-based instrumental ensemble.  The Band provides instrumentalists the opportunity to perform music from a wide range of styles and periods.  The content is meant to challenge an individual’s skill level and promote the development of musicianship.  Music theory and history is woven into the curriculum through the study of quality literature and the elements of music. Students are required to have at least two years of successful band experience. In addition to the Fall and Spring Concerts, The Symphonic Band will participate in MPA (Music Performance Assessment), an adjudication performance off campus.


  • Develop a love of musical performance and the appreciation of music
  • Master technical aspects of music performance and the rudiments of music theory
  • Attain the ability to profoundly communicate through instrumental performance
  • Learn steadfast self-discipline and commit to musical excellence
  • Participate in a musical community and connect with the dynamics that exist


  • Active participation
  • Regular practice
  • Acceptance of instruction
  • Progression of skill level and musicianship
  • Mastery of assigned music
  • Helpful support of others
  • Positive attitude and rehearsal etiquette
  • Respect for fellow colleagues and their equipment


All Band classes will have several required performances – ALL SPECIFIED WELL IN ADVANCE. These are graded.


80% for assessments; this includes performances and state/district testing

20% for assignments and projects done in class; weekly rehearsal grade


For formal performances such as concerts or graduation, students will be asked to dress in white and black. The uniform should consist of a white dress shirt, dress pants and black dress shoes.

The Band T-shirt and blue jeans will act as our uniform more informal performances.

Required Texts

Books may be required on an individual basis during the progression of the year.

Sheet Music

Most music will be on loan from Patriot Oaks Music Library at no charge. A replacement fee will be charged for music that is lost. PLEASE KEEP UP WITH YOUR FOLDER!


Private lessons are not required but highly recommended.  Qualified instructors may be found at our local music stores and universities. Please inquire with Mr. Rauh for specific names.