Mrs. Quilal-lan’s, Mrs. Tucci’s and Mrs. Lamm’s Classes


Week of May 20-24, 2019

Dear Parents,

Can you believe it it the last week of school? This year has just flown by. Five more days until your children are officially fifth graders!

Monday is V for Video Day- we will have class in the morning and a Video in the afternoon as a relaxing treat.

Tuesday is W for Wow it’s our End of Year Luau Party! We will have morning classes and our party will be in the afternoon from 12:45-2:45. Thank you to all who have signed up to send in supplies.

Wednesday is X for eXchange autographs day. We will sign yearbooks (hopefully we will have them in time, otherwise we will swap days with Thursday)

Thursday is Y is Year End Cleaning Day. We will clean out our desks and bring all of our items home for the year in our book bags.

Friday is Z for Zip and Zoom on home for summer!

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you this year. Your support has been essential to our success with your children. Thank you for all that you have done for us and for your support.

Have a terrific week and a terrific summer,

Mrs. Quilal-lan, Mrs. Tucci, and Mrs. Lamm