New Science Unit

Big Idea 14-Organization and Development of Living Organisms


In this unit, students will be using an App called Virtuali-tee.  They will be allowed to bring a smart phone or an ipad into the classroom for a few lessons.  The first lesson will be on April 24th and we will continue to use the App up until the first or second week of May.  If your child has a smartphone or ipad, download the App at home and send them in starting on the 24th.  If you would like to see what we are doing, go to  and you will see the program.  I received a grant for our students that includes the shirts to be shared in class and a 3D printer to print some organs at the end of the unit.  I am so excited about this and I think the kids are really going to enjoy learning all about the human body!


SC.5.L.14.1-  Identify the organs in the human body and describe their functions, including the skin, brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, intestines, pancreas, muscles and skeleton, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, and sensory organs.

SC.5.L.14.2-Compare and contrast the function of organs and other physical structures of plants and animals, including humans, for example: some animals have skeletons for support — some with internal skeletons others with exoskeletons — while some plants have stems for support.

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Headphones needed 4/15

Fifth grade students will be taking an End-of-Course resource (Art, PE, Music) test on Monday, April 15.  This test requires all students to have a pair of headphones since there will be sound bites embedded in the test.  Please be sure your child has a pair of headphones in school on Monday.

Thank you

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Sea World Field Trip permission slips

Reminder:  Sea World field trip permission slips and money are due this Friday, April 12.

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End-of-the-Year Parent Committee

Parent Committee Now Forming!

         It is time to start planning for special fifth grade end-of-the-year activities!  We are so proud of the students and want to reward them for their hard work in elementary school.  We know you are proud of them, too, and if you have an interest in helping to plan special activities, please join us! We need leaders for events and projects including the fifth grade dance and kickball tournament.  Please don’t hesitate to step up as a leader or co-leader.   If you want to help, but can’t attend the meeting, just let us know and we will add your contact info to the list.

Monday, April 8, 2019 from 3:00 to 3:30 on the Orange Deck

We truly appreciate your help!

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Rising 6th grade Wildcats

Pacetti Bay Middle School OPEN HOUSE

Tuesday March 12, 2019


At 6:00pm parents and students are welcomed to attend PBMS informational orientation that will be help in the auditorium. After, enjoy a tour of the 6th grade house along with a brief presentation by the teachers.


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Bag Lunches on Monday, March 11

Hello Fifth Grade Parents,

Due to our field trip to Pacetti Bay Middle School on Monday, March 11, we may will not be back in time to eat in the cafeteria.  It would be best if everyone brought a bag lunch with them on Monday.

Thank you,

Fifth Grade Teachers

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The Mighty Pencil and Fifth Grade Writers

Informational Writing

The informational reading unit we completed earlier this quarter helped prepare the students for all the informational writing we’ve completed over the past month.  All students completed an informative essay this week that will count as a summative assessment in the grade book.  We will use the FSA writing rubric to score the essays, so please look for a score sheet to come home.  The students have been given a copy of the rubric to keep in their binder and become familiar with the scoring criteria.  There are three scoring categories:  Focus, Purpose, and Organization (4 point max); Evidence and Elaboration (4 point max); and Conventions (2 point max) -all for a top score of 10 points.  The earned score will relate to the following grades:

Points Earned Grade Equivalent
10 100
9 93
8 86
7 79
6 72
5 65
4 58
3 or less 50

Text-based essay writing is the most complex tasks we practice all year.  It requires students to read, comprehend, take notes, make a plan, and craft an organized multi-paragraph essay with clearly cited evidence and clear elaboration. It is a lot of work and it takes time.  However, the foundation students are building in Language Arts will be valuable in their future courses.

Tropicana Speech Contest

Hopefully you are aware that students are working on writing a speech for homework.  The Tropicana speech classroom contest is next Wednesday.  This contest helps us achieve listening and speaking standards in a creative way, as well as give students experience building this life skill.  All students received a packet to guide them through the process.  This speech is an opportunity for you to hear your child’s writing and get involved.  The goal is a logical, clear progression of ideas.  Please take some time to read through the speech packet and help them prepare.  Let them practice giving their speech.  Time them and encourage them.  It’s normal to be nervous.  All students are expected to work through the process and deliver a speech.  However, because the project is mostly being completed at home, it will only count for a few homework grades.

Opinion Writing

We encouraged the students to select an opinion topic for their speech to further practice what we are learning in class at this time.  Moving on from Informational Writing, we are teaching students how to write a strong opinion essay.  Students are building on their knowledge of this type of writing from 4th grade.  We are working on crafting text-based essays to answer the question, “Are zoos helpful or harmful to animals?”  We will wrap up this essay early next week and it will also be scored with the FSA rubric and count as a summative assessment.


Most of our grammar instruction is embedded in our writing instruction, however, we are teaching commas directly.  Students are receiving instruction on where and why to use commas.  Also, students should be completing IXL practices in the KK section.  We will provide students with handouts to study, as well.  If time allows, we will go ahead and assess this skill before Spring Break. 

FSA Writing Test

On April 2, students will complete a text-based writing assessment.  They will either write an informational essay or an opinion essay depending on the prompt put forth by the state.  This test counts as part of their total ELA FSA score for 5th grade.  The remainder of the ELA FSA will be taken on May 2 and 3, focusing on reading and language standards. We would like to have breakfast items for students to enjoy before the writing test to fuel up for the task.  Please be on the lookout for a sign-up to come out soon.  Thanks!!

Check HAC

The third quarter ends next Thursday.  Please be sure you are monitoring your child’s grades in all subjects and let us know if you have any questions or concerns!  Thank you!

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Lovelines Deadline Tomorrow

Parents don’t miss out on adding a personalized note to the yearbook for your 5th grader!

The link is posted below- Deadline 2.22.19 TOMORROW!!!!!


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New Standards in Science

We are excited to be starting a new unit in Science that focuses on weather, climate and weather patterns.  We are looking forward to using Palencia’s Weather STEM to help the students understand all about weather and the tools used to measure the environment.  Watch the weather report with your child if you get a chance and talk about how weather changes and the weather maps used in the report. 


SC.5.E.7.1-Create a model to explain the parts of the water cycle. Water can be a gas, a liquid, or a solid and can go back and forth from one state to another.

SC.5.E.7.2-Recognize that the ocean is an integral part of the water cycle and is connected to all of Earth’s water reservoirs via evaporation and precipitation processes.

SC.5.E.7.3-Recognize how air temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction, and precipitation determine the weather in a particular place and time.

SC.5.E.7.4-Distinguish among the various forms of precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, and hail), making connections to the weather in a particular place and time.

SC.5.E.7.5-Recognize that some of the weather-related differences, such as temperature and humidity, are found among different environments, such as swamps, deserts, and mountains.

SC.5.E.7.6-Describe characteristics (temperature and precipitation) of different climate zones as they relate to latitude, elevation, and proximity to bodies of water.

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Learning in Language Arts

The focus on informational reading and writing standards continues in Language Arts.  We are teaching the students to think about the author’s purpose, text structures, and main ideas of a text, and how those concepts are related.  Understanding this content is one thing, succeeding on a rigorous test of this content is another.  Persistence with rereading and deep thinking about the text is required to do well.   With this comes taking the time to underline specific information in the texts and even making side notes to track thinking. The students took a summative test this week.  Please look for it to come home and review it with them.  We are going to continue on with these goals for another week and take a second summative test next week.  Therefore, all students will have two summative grades for this unit because of the extent and importance of the learning.

Any student who scores below a 70% on the assessments is eligible for grade recovery.  If students scored below a 70% on this first assessment, the second assessment can serve as an opportunity to improve the grade.  We will send home additional practice for them to complete to help them prepare.

If students score below a 70% on the second assessment, then we will provide yet another task to help them improve their score.  Our goal is for all students to master this content.  It is important to note, however, that more than simply understanding the content is required for a test of this level of rigor.  We believe this unit is one of the most challenging reading units in fifth grade.  Thank you for your support and for encouraging your children to work hard!

Please continue to have your child check the planner daily for homework assignments and other responsibilities.

Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Hughes, and Mrs. Gardner

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