Science and Social Studies New Standards

Science Standards

SC.5.E.5.1-Recognize that a galaxy consists of gas, dust, and many stars, including any objects orbiting the stars. Identify our home galaxy as the Milky Way.

SC.5.E.5.2-Recognize the major common characteristics of all planets and compare/contrast the properties of inner and outer planets.

SC.5.E.5.3-Distinguish among the following objects of the Solar System — Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets — and identify Earth’s position in it.


Social Studies Standards

SS.5.A.3.1-Describe technological developments that shaped European exploration.
SS.5.A.3.2-Investigate (nationality, sponsoring country, motives, dates and routes of travel, accomplishments) the European explorers.
SS.5.A.3.3-Describe interactions among Native Americans, Africans, English, French, Dutch, and Spanish for control of North America.
SS.5.A.4.1- Identify the economic, political, and socio-cultural motivation for colonial settlement.
SS.5.A.4.2– Compare characteristics of New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.

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The Second Semester Begins

Welcome Back!

It was a great day on the Orange Deck as teachers and students returned to kick off the second semester!  Now that we have completed half of the school year, you know that the fifth grade experience is jam-packed. Of course, fifth grade has always been a challenging, but rewarding year. No time is wasted as we savor every minute of building this teaching and learning community.  We are working hard to achieve our vision of 100%!  This year’s fifth grade plan is all about teamwork, and we need you on our team!  Here are some ways you can help make the remainder of this year successful:

  • Read all the posts on this website and then read them again.
  • Have your child pull up the Edmodo planner daily; look over their shoulder while they read off what they need to do.  Also have your child scroll through the posts for each of the hubs and ask your child what they have been working on in class.
  • Encourage your children to complete smaller-chunks of homework, spreading it out over the week rather than doing hours at once.  There is always something they can work on…whether it’s a vocabulary quizlet, Kahoot, word study, or IXL.  Students should be working on homework Monday through Thursday.
  • Help your child maintain a daily reading habit with a challenging book.  (Not too easy or too hard.)
  • Help your child develop study habits for quizzes and tests.
  • Gradually release responsibilities to your child when you see they are ready for it.  Students need to take ownership of their learning.
  • Speak positively about school and the teachers with your child.
  • Talk with your child about developing the Seven Habits of Happy Kids.  See the scrolling message at the top of the website!  Talk to them about setting priorities and your behavior expectations for them.
  • Check your child’s Class Dojo report and ask them how things are going.  (Top three point earners for each class celebrate with a lunch bunch monthley.)
  • Send us an email and let us know how things are going.
  • Schedule a conference if you have concerns or need help.  Just email your child’s homeroom teacher.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

January 11 –  Jim Sawgrass Native American Presentation

January 15 –  MLK, Jr. Day No School

January 19- Check HAC for Report Cards!

January 29 – Teacher In-service Day No School

Tuesdays and Thursdays in February – Homeroom classes will take turns visiting The Whitney Lab.  Look for permission slips to come home soon!

February 23 – Epcot Permission Slip and Payment Due

If you need another form, you may download and print by clicking here–> Epcot_letter-permission_slip

Please remember, there are second semester requirements that students must meet in order to attend the trip:  Students must NOT have more than one school suspension during the second semester.  Students must have a 60% or higher in all subjects.  Students must have no more than 5 unexcused absences in the second semester.


What is Win-Win Wednesday?

When we first shared our class schedules, Wednesday noted “flexible learning” time.  As the quarter developed and we collaborated as a team, we organized instructional time to provide the students with targeted instruction:  “What I Need, When I Need it.”  During this time, students receive additional instruction in Reading, Math, or both.  As we get to know the students and analyze our data, we are customizing their WIN-WIN plan.  This time supports the growth mindset and goal-setting best practice as students recognize their strengths and weaknesses.  It is an hour and a half each week where we break the cycle of our regular rotations to slow down and provide extra support or time to practice. In addition to supplemental instruction for reading and math, students are also using the district’s new learning platform, I-Ready, which provides a customized learning path for each student basedon results of the diagnostic test.  This is “What they need” to work on.  Students may also be using the popular Math Website, Prodigy, to practice their Math skills, which they really enjoy! The students have given us positive feedback about their Win-Win time.  They say that it really helps!

Thank you for reading this report!  If you are still reading, please jot down the phrase, “Happy Kids” on a sticky note, sign your name, and send it in with your child to their homeroom teacher.  We will give them a little prize in return!

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Many Thanks

Dear Families,

Thank you so very much for the generosity you all expressed to us this season.  We love what we do and we love your kiddos.  We wish you all a fun, safe and restful break.  We will be back on January 8th for a super second semester!


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Winter Celebration

Hello Parents,

The Room Parents are busy planning some festivities for next Tuesday and they need your help and/or contributions.  Please click on the link below to read about the plan and how you can help make it a success!

Other Reminders:

  • Please make sure your child has headphones in class tomorrow for I-Ready Reading benchmark testing!
  • $6 for Jimmy Sawgrass
  • Vision Screening on Thursday
  • 5th Grade Spelling Bee at 9:00 on Friday (Parents of competitors are invited.)


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Learning in Language Arts


Students are learning so much about text in Language Arts and the relationship between reading and writing.  In both areas, we are studying TEXT STRUCTURE.  As a reader, students are analyzing non-fiction text to notice the author’s purpose for writing and how the information is organized, in other words, the text structure.  There are many, but the structures we are focusing on are Problem/Solution, Cause and Effect, Sequential, Chronological, Compare/Contrast, and Descriptive.  Noticing text structures within a text helps students grasp the most important information from what they are reading.  Students are also recognizing how the information can be displayed on graphic organizers, which provides a visual demonstration of relationships between ideas.

On the other hand, students are working with a partner to coauthor an expository essay- a piece of informational writing. We spent a couple of weeks exploring different topics and noticing author’s purposes for various texts.  Then, students agreed on a topic with their partner as well as the subtopics and how they will structure their writing.  They developed research questions and they are ready to dive into learning about their topics.  This is where we need your support.  Students need to use both print and digital resources.  We are allowing them to use books from our classroom collections and check out from the media center.  They are also using the digital sources, Wonderopolis and World Book On-line, which are safe, credible sites.  In today’s world, students just want to google their topic, but as you know, the results are endless and not easy to navigate.   Please support your child in gathering some research that addresses their research questions.  If you could conduct an on-line search with them, and help find an appropriate, credible site, that would be a big help. Furthermore, if you can print an article or some information at home and allow your child to bring it in to share with their partners, that is even better.  Lastly, the public library may have more on their topic than our school library.  We will be researching through next Tuesday.  Thank you for your help!

First Quarter Book Clubs have ended and were a big success.  We have seen an increase in students’ reading stamina.  We will do another round of Book Clubs after the new year, but in the meantime students are reading books independently of their own choosing.  Ask your child what they are reading today.  25 minutes of daily reading is expected for homework.  We have updated levels for each student, and encourage students to read books that are not too easy, not too hard, but a “just right” challenge that will support their growth.  Let us know if you have any questions about your child’s reading level.

Upcoming Assignments:

Friday, 12/ 1:  Word Study Quiz and Informational Text Structures Quiz (Quizlet on Edmodo)

Friday, 12/8:  Text Structures Reading Test (Students will have to read two articles with different text structures about the same topic, then analyze how the text is organized, attending to details in the text that support their thinking.)




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Native American Presentation

On Thursday, January 11, 2018 we will have a fantastic Native American presentation.  To cover the cost, please send in $6 before December 21.  Thank you!

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Math Update

This week we started Unit 5:  Understanding Multiplying Fractions.  It is important that the students understand the fundamental process of multiplying fractions and not simply how to arrive at the answer.  In this unit, it is the process, not the product, that is most valuable.  The students must understand what is being shared and how to justify their answers with a model.  We plan to test this unit on Thursday, December 14th.

Please try to allow time to work on IXL each night (for no more than 20 minutes) and only if your child understands how to draw a model for what they are doing.  Students are permitted to work on IXL at their own pace, however, the lessons are scaffolded and they may not have learned what is needed to proceed as far as they would like.  It is ok to stop and wait until conferencing with the math teachers before moving forward.  Again, please do not teach your child the tricks.  We will eventually get to the most efficient way to solve these problems but not before fundamentally understanding the process.

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Yearbook Update

Hello! I am the yearbook creator this year. Fifth graders have the option of participating in the cover contest, if they would like. Attached is the flyer going home next week. This will be an “at home” project and will need to be turned in by December 8th. This is NOT required. This is optional, if your child would like to do this.

Also, if you have any pictures of the fifth graders as kindergartners, I would love to have them! Please send any pictures of the students to my email: [email protected]

I would love to make this yearbook very special this year!


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Social Studies Update

Native Americans thrived in North America long before Europeans arrived. Each group developed unique ways of life based on the place and time in which they lived. We are learning about the lives and cultures of Native Americans in different geographic regions of North American. We will learn how each culture was influenced by their environment.

SS.5.A.2.3- Compare cultural aspects of Native American tribes from different geographic regions of North America including but not limited to clothing, shelter, food, major beliefs and practices, music, art, and interactions with the environment.

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Science Standards – Energy – Big Idea 10 and 11

SC.5.P.10.1-Investigate and describe some basic forms of energy, including light, heat, sound, electrical, chemical, and mechanical

SC.5.P.10.2-Investigate and explain that energy has the ability to cause motion or create change.

SC.5.P.10.3-Investigate and explain that an electrically-charged object can attract an uncharged object and can either attract or repel another charged object without any contact between the objects.

SC.5.P.10.4-Investigate and explain that electrical energy can be transformed into heat, light, and sound energy, as well as the energy of motion.

SC.5.P.11.1-Investigate and illustrate the fact that the flow of electricity requires a closed circuit (a complete loop).

SC.5.P.11.2-Identify and classify materials that conduct electricity and materials that do not.

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