Final Parting

On a final note, thank you so much for being so wonderful this year. I know it was a large transition year for most. I know that many struggled with academics and it was a big year of learning responsibility, but it was in hopes of sending your child off much better prepared for middle school. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the wonderful gifts this year & support at home. We are so blessed to have such wonderful families to support us throughout our careers. Thank you for being patient and kind while we learned how to switch and adjust from having a classroom of 22, to being responsible for 75+ students. Thank you for also being patient with your child, as they learned to transition from one to three teachers per day. A piece of our hearts will always be here and will go on with your children, onto the big trek of MIDDLE SCHOOL! Have a wonderful summer! 🙂


Ms. Landsman, Mrs. Edwards & Mrs. Kinnaman


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Yearbook Sales Information

Yearbooks will be handed out TODAY! 🙂 Students will be getting them signed on Thursday. If you were not able to order a yearbook for your child, you may buy one beginning Tuesday, May 22, during the office hours of 8am-4pm, while supplies last. You will need $20 cash, exact change only.

Big shout-out to the Yearbook Club! I can’t wait for you to all see the hard work you all did!



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Thank You from the Math Hub!!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of the teacher appreciation gifts, cards, and thoughtful gestures.  We truly love what we do.  We have enjoyed spending the year with these kiddos.  Have a restful summer and best of luck next year!

Love, Mrs. Kusiak and Mrs. Marrinan

(Remember to practice those math facts!)  🙂

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IMAX this Friday

REMINDER:  IMAX Field Trip on Friday

Please wear your class shirt and bring a bagged lunch and drink.

We will eat picnic-style outside, (weather permitting) when we return to PES.

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Please provide $7++  to help cover food costs for this special event and end of year teacher gifts.  Envelopes were sent home last week and should be returned to Ms. Wadsworth. If using PayPal please send to [email protected]. There will be no cafeteria lunch options on this day.  Don’t delay, please return your contribution today!

Students will enjoy a special luncheon and dance party as they cruise on out of 5th grade and set sail for MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Festive luau (school appropriate) attire welcome, but not required 😊

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FSA is Complete for 5th Grade!

We celebrated Science FSA  with two Mad Scientists!  The students have worked hard and now it is time to “Finish Strong”.  We have started the Hacker’s Trail in Social Studies to give students an interactive experience with the westward expansion. The students are working on their supply lists for their trip and are learning about how different things were in the late 1800s.  We are continuing to monitor our mealworms that are pupating and growing to their adult stage which is a mystery to them.  We have a surprise coming for them tomorrow! Some have matured to adults!

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Dress Code for All Students from the Code of Conduct

All Students
 Personal attire may be in the style of the day, but clothing that is immodest, revealing,
or distracting in character is unacceptable. Clothing, piercings and accessories shall
not be worn if they display profanity, violence, discriminatory messages, sexually
suggestive phrases, advertisements, phrases or symbols of alcohol, tobacco or drugs
or create a safety issue within the learning environment.
 In accordance with statutory requirements, and as more particularly specified in the
standards for boys and girls below, students are prohibited from wearing clothing
that exposes underwear or that exposes body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner.
 Head coverings, including but not limited to, caps, hats, bandannas, hair curlers
and/or sunglasses, shall not be worn on campus unless required by a physician or
authorized by school administration.
 Students must wear shoes that are safe and appropriate for the learning
environment. Middle school and elementary school students must wear shoes that
have a back or strap on the heel. High school students may wear backless shoes;
however, bedroom slippers and footwear commonly considered as beachwear is
prohibited. (For example, beach sandals, or other such beach shoes, will not be
allowed in school).
 Hair shall be clean and well combed or brushed. Extreme hairstyles will not be
 Skirts, dresses, shorts, baggies, culottes, no shorter than four inches (4″) above the
top of the knee, are acceptable. Skirts shorter than four inches (4”) above the top of
the knee worn with leggings or tights are not acceptable.
 Gang graffiti will not be drawn or worn on backpacks, notebooks, folders, papers,
clothing or any other object or on the body of any student or person on school
 Tank tops and shirts are not acceptable except in physical education classes. Any
student who attends First Coast Technical College must follow dress code regulations
established by each occupational department of the F.C.T.C. (i.e., safety clothing,
protective garments, and business attire).
Standards: Boys
 Boy’s pants/slacks must be worn at the waist. No boxer shorts or underwear may be
 Mustaches and beards shall be neatly trimmed.
Standards: Girls
 Tops and shirts must cover the entire shoulder and they must be modest and not
revealing or distracting. Midriff or “cut-out” dresses and “cut out” tops may not be
worn. Extremely short skirts are not allowed. Skirts must be no shorter than four
inches (4″) above the top of the knee. Revealing clothing, pajamas and lingerie are
not acceptable. Underwear must not be exposed.
 Hair curlers and excessive make-up shall not be permitted.
 Girls’ pants/slacks must be worn at the waist. No underwear may be exposed.

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Important Dates for 5th Grade!

Here are the important dates for the rest of the fifth grade year. Please add them to your calendar and plan accordingly. Keep on the look out for emails from your teachers with specific times, as some may change, except for the Awards Ceremony. If you have any questions, please email your homeroom teacher!

Math FSA: 4/26 & 4/27

Science FSA: 5/1 & 5/2

STEM Fair: 5/5

Teacher Appreciation Week: 5/7-5/11

IMAX Field Trip: 5/11

Safety Patrol Field Trip (Safety Patrols ONLY): 5/14

Epcot Field Trip: 5/16 (All Day)

Kickball Tournament: 5/17-5/18 (Mornings)

Dance: 5/21 (Roughly @ 1pm)

Awards Ceremony: 5/22 @ 10am at Pacetti Bay Middle School

Last day for students/Clap Out 🙂 : 5/24

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New Science Standards

SC.5.L.15.1- Students will be able to describe how, when the environment changes, differences between individuals allow some plants and animals to survive and reproduce while others die or move to new locations.
SC.5.L.17.1-Students will be able to compare and contrast adaptations displayed by animals and plants that enable them to survive in different environments such as life cycles variations, animal behaviors and physical characteristics.

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Language ARTS

We had a great day in the Language Arts hub as students performed their figurative language raps!  Then, this afternoon we enjoyed more performances by all of the fourth and fifth grade classroom speech winners as they competed in the school contest.  Congratulations!

Language truly is an art and it is encouraging to see our students creating and sharing ideas as they develop their language skills.  Even though grammar gets a “bad rap” as being boring, students have been recognizing that selecting the correct verb forms and tenses helps to convey exactly what they want to communicate.  Effective communication surely is a craft. As you are aware, we have been spending a significant portion of the Language Arts block working on grammar skills.  These skills require deeper thinking than you may first assume, and encourage our students to pay attention to details.  This week we have been focused on verbs, and next week we will review commas and other parts of speech including prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections.  Be aware that students should be completing skills practice for homework each night.  On Friday, April 13, there will be a skills test to cover all of this.  By the way, the Language Editing Task on the FSA comprises 15-20% of the ELA FSA, so students should be well-prepared for this portion.

Speaking of the FSA, it’s coming soon!  We are scheduled to test in ELA on Thursday, April 19th and Friday, April 20th.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will work through the computer-based practice test in class.  For the practice, as well as the actual test, students need headphones or earbuds.  Only about half of the students had them in class this week.  Please send them in with your child daily!  We appreciate your support with this.  Also, you are encouraged to check out the practice tests, too.  Details about where and how to access them have been described in the Pirate Post.  Let us know if you have any questions.

The Anchor: A Legacy Gift from the first class to progress through Palencia from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade…

We have told students about an authentic anchor that will soon be located at the front of our school.  There is a writing contest, sponsored by Ripley’s Believe It or Not, that we have encouraged students to participate in.  Please encourage your child to participate!  So that students feel ownership over this “legacy gift,” there will be a dollar drive to cover associated costs with transporting the anchor and purchasing plaques.  Please click on the files below to check out the contest and fundraiser.  A copy of the fundraiser flyer will be sent home next week!

5th Grade Anchor Dollar Drive PDF

Believe It or Not Writing Prompt – 5th Grade Anchor PDF

Have a fantastic weekend!

Edwards and Landsman


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