August…. Where did it go!?!?

So, August is over and before we get too far into September I need to post about our awesome start to the 2016/2017  school year!!  Here are some pictures of our LARGE class!  This year I am co-teaching with another 2nd grade teacher and we have 31 students!!  When you take a peek into this busy classroom you will see that in less than 4 weeks these outstanding second graders have become a community.  We are on our way to becoming a “well-oiled machine” where the students are control of their own learning!  Come back to see them working in learning centers… but in these pictures you can see that we are already working with partners and small groups!

20160811_123509 20160811_123329 20160811_123352

I challenged my second graders to learned their doubles addition facts up to 20.  I wanted to make sure we all knew those basic skills that we will build upon this year.  SO, by the end of the second week of school all 31 students were able to show me, in their own way, that they could tell me their double facts….bring on the Popsicle Celebration!!

20160826_140248 20160826_140308

Calendar Math is a time my students get to practice math facts that need to be practiced all year long.  The very first week of school my students wanted to take control of this time.  It was their idea to have a calendar leader and this student leads the learning.  What a great way to really master these facts and take ownership of their learning!  Way to go learners!


Finally, these little scientist learned that even the best laid plan is not always the way to go!  We talked about hypotheses and that making a guess is just the beginning.  As a learner, it is perfectly normal to make mistakes and be wrong….WHY!?!?  Because they make you smarter!  We tested this a few days ago when students were told they had to “Save Fred!”

20160901_125159 20160901_125122 20160901_124956 20160901_124648

….come back soon, this is only the beginning!