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Ms. Nicks St Johns Virtual Lab

Just a reminder that ALL end of semester exams must be proctored in the lab with me. Request clearance email from your online teacher. Print it and see me.

.Virtual School Testing at Pedro Menendez High School  

The process for scheduling a FLVS or SJVS test at PMHS is as follows:
*When you are ready to take segment 1 or segment 2, contact your FLVS or SJVS teacher. Request a clearance email stating you are clear to take the exam. Print it out and present it to Ms. Nicks in room 720. You will then set a time to take the exam with her. Remember you can use handwritten notes on the exam. You may NOT go to any other websites during the exam. Make sure to get approval with your teachers whose class you will miss.
*If you are a homeschooled student you can contact Ms. Nicks at [email protected] or 904-547-8660 ext. 25495 to schedule testing. You must bring a form of ID with you.

You must have an AUP on file with Ms. Nicks in the lab to be on the computer.


Pedro Menendez High School

St. Johns Virtual High School (SJVS)

Ms. Lisa Nicks

904-547-9660 Ext 25495 Room 720

[email protected]


Required Materials

            Ear buds if required to use with virtual school

            Pens and pencils

            Flash drive for saving your work(cannot save to school computers)

            Calculator, if needed


If possible please bring in tissues and hand cleaner.


Remember your semester and end of year exam must be proctored. Handwritten notes only. See Ms. Nicks to schedule your exam. If a SJVS class you will need to print clearance letter out and give to me.


Classroom Policies and Procedures:

Put your backpack under your desk.

  • All school and county rules, including those pertaining to electronic devices will be followed and enforced in the Lab.  Please review the Student Code of Conduct for more information.
  • It is very important that the student realize that this is NOT a study hall, an open period to surf the web, or sleep time.
  • Students must have a completed and signed AUP form on file in the virtual lab.  Student should only be working on virtual courses unless prior permission is granted by the teacher.  Teachers have the ability to check site accessed by students via computer software.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Lab.  Water in a container with a top is allowed but must be kept off the computer desks.
  • Use of restrooms, lockers, and water fountains will be accomplished between classes.  Passes will be issued for emergencies only and at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Enter the classroom quietly, orderly, and on time.  Take assigned seats, log on, and begin working.
  • Students are required to work daily on virtual assigned courses in each class. NO games or streaming music is allowed.
  • Complete assignments on time and to the best of your abilities.  Only the instructor can grant permission for students to miss any part of class due to field trips/activities.
  • Problems with hardware or software must be reported to the instructor immediately.
  • Remain seated until dismissed by instructor.  Standing at the door is not allowed.
  • Students are NOT to change any settings on the computer (screen saver, Internet, etc.)


Defiance, disruption, and disrespect are not tolerated and will result in a referral and disciplinary action as described in the Student Code of Conduct and Pedro Menendez High School Discipline Plans.

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*****New virtual students: watch the following video. Go to and search for SJVS Welcome Call. It is approx. 10 minutes. You will need your headphones.*****