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Dear Parents,
We are beginning a unit on the Water Cycle. As part of this unit, we will be making a “Biome in a Bag”. If you are able to send in any of these items, we would greatly appreciate it.
Materials Needed
– 2 liter soda bottles
– One bag of small pebbles
– Two large bags of potting soil
– Quick growing seeds (grass or beans)
– Any very small plants

HOMEWORK 2-11 Study/ Review Math Notes on Shapes

Homework for February 4,2019
MATH One step problem solving
Math Test Thursday 2-7 Decimals and Customary and Metric Measurements

SCIENCE Test Lesson 3 moved to Tuesday
January 24th Homework
Friday is the Benchmark Assessment Test February 1st

January 23rd Homework
Math Day 3 & 4 of the FSA packet
STEM Fair Check (everything through and including Procedures)

January 22nd Homework
Math – “Multiplying Decimals Problem Solving” WS
Science- Complete the “Life Cycle of a Star” Comic Strip You can rewatch the BrainPop Video and use your notes

January 17
MATH- Complete page 1 of FSA Packet
SCIENCE- Complete Pages 126-130 in your science textbook & and Study for Lesson 1 Quiz
STEM Fair Packet

Math Assessment on Volume will be Wednesday January 16
Science Assessment on Space will be Friday January 24th

HW 1/15/2019
Study for Math Assessment
IXL due 1-16 (N.3 N.7 EE.13 M.27 )
IXL Bingo Due February 5 ( C.14 D.14 L.21 Z.11 )
STEM Fair Research due

HW 1/16/2019 Science Quiz Lesson 1 Space (beginning on Page 113) review notes, Space Book, and reread Lesson 1

Complete Space book (Information and Facts from your textbook and outside resources if needed Images) through page 12
1. Inner Planets
2. Outer Planets
3. Comets
4. Dwarf Planets
5. Kuiper Belt
6 & 7 Meteoroids and Asteroids Belt (between inner and outer planets
8. Mercury
9. Venus
10. Earth
11. Mars
12. Milky Way Galaxy
13. Jupiter
14. Saturn
15. Uranus & Neptune
16. Spiral Galaxy
17. Elliptical Galaxy
18. Irregular Galaxy
19. Rotation & Axis
20. Revolution
21. Student Choice
22. Student Choice

Some link to have been added for students to review