Math Superstars

Math Superstars- You can be a Star!

Print out the sheet and see how many points you can get.  Give yourself one point for each H you see next to the problem. Some questions are easy so the question is worth one point or one H.  Some questions are very difficult so the question is worth HHH points or 3 points.  Add up your total and bring the page into class for me to see.

Math 2 Math 3 Math 4 Math 5
Math 6 Math 7 Math 8 Math 9 Math 10
Math 11 Math 12 Math 13 Math 14 Math 15
Math 16 Math 17 Math 18 Math 19 Math 20
Math 21 Math 22 Math 23 Math 24 Math 25


Answer keys are for parents. Please begin with the first document labeled Math 2.