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Creekside Gifted Services


Gifted Services
Gifted services are designed to support students in setting and pursuing personal, academic and career goals. These services will assist students in developing the understanding and skills necessary to successfully lead or participate in groups as they set and achieve personal and individual/group goals. Services are provided at each of the high schools.

Options Offered at High Schools to Meet the Needs of Gifted Students

These may include but are not limited to:

  • Consultative Services
  • Advanced Academic Programs
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Academies
  • Creative Opportunities
  • Extra-curricular Activities

Emphasis will be placed on the following skills as individually appropriate:

  • Effective Decision Making/Setting Priorities
  • Goal Setting/Problem Solving
  • Effective Leadership
  • Study Skills/Test Taking Strategies
  • Time Management/Organizational Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Procrastination/Perfectionism
  • Underachievement

Identification of Gifted Students
Information for St. Johns County School District personnel and parents regarding identification of gifted students can be found on the District website under Departments, Academic Services, Exceptional Student Education (ESE), Gifted Services
( The timeline can be found on the St. Johns County Website, under Exceptional Student Education.

 Consultation Service Delivery Model

In the consultation service delivery model, teachers of the gifted and general education teachers ensure that the gifted student succeeds in accomplishing their gifted goals as outlined in their Educational Plan (EP) while taking classes in general education classrooms. The teachers regularly plan, implement, and monitor instructional alternatives that aid the student in achieving this success throughout their high school years. Although the EP states a guideline for student-teacher contact time each month, the exact level of support may be increased based on the needs of individual students.
The teacher providing consultative support to gifted students is required to have certification with Gifted Endorsement. In addition, they are required to maintain records of services they provide to gifted students and teachers. Support services to students may be indirectly given through their general education teachers or directly provided through seminars, workshops, speakers, or individual and group meetings.

 Program Design Includes:

  • Student consultation with a Gifted teacher
  • Small group meetings as appropriate
  • Seminars as appropriate based on students’ interests and needs
  • Gifted teacher consultation with regular classroom teachers, guidancecounselors and students to monitor progress toward their Educational Plan(EP) goals.
  • Gifted teacher collaboration with school personnel in order to communicate events, college visits, and scholarship opportunities and other information of interest to gifted students. The gifted teacher will host and maintain an online forum focused on items of interest to gifted students.
  • Gifted teacher’s communication of times that he/she is available for student access. Students will follow the school policies for securing permission to leave a classroom for activities and interaction with the consulting gifted teacher.