Ms. McLean’s Home Page

Hello students and parents, and thank you for checking out my website. I am excited to work with all my students this year in both Creative Writing, as well as English II Honors. Together we will grow in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

This is my first year at Creekside, as well as my first year teaching high school. It was been a wonderful transition. For the past few years I taught in Duval County at an extremely challenging middle school, however, I wouldn’t change a single decision that I’ve made in my career so far. Teaching in an impoverished neighborhood shaped me in ways that will serve me and my students for years to come. I would have stayed forever to help those students who needed me most, but I was driving more than an hour each way. So, through ambition and a positive attitude, I ended up at Creekside, and this has been my most exciting step yet.

I live in St. Augustine, FL, where I receivedĀ a BA in English at Flagler College. I am a passionate writer, and beginning a Creative Writing curriculum at Creekside is a huge honor with which my administration has trusted me. This year’s creative writers are helping shape the curriculum. In full disclosure, this class has changed my life and my outlook on teaching. I am completely thrilled to be where I am now.

Outside of class I am an avid reader and writer, and I love to run when I’ve got the time. I have two amazing rescue dogs (Chaos and Robert Johnson) that I shower with the love when I get home from school every day.

My Dog Poe

My 2016-2017 Schedule:

  • Period 1: Creative Writing
  • Period 2: Creative Writing
  • Period 3: Creative Writing
  • Period 4 English II Honors
  • Period 5: English II Honors
  • Period 6: English II Honors
  • Period 7: Planning

Office Hours: 8:30-9:00 M-F by appointment