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Important Events This Week and Ahead

Boosterthon Kickoff: 9/18/18

School Pictures: 9/20/18

This Week’s Essay of the Week:

“You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.” Indira Gandhi

Is it better to be right or is it better to be kind? This question is often asked, and there are many opinions about it. What do you think is the answer to this question? What experiences do you have that give you your opinion about the answer to this question? Write to me and tell me your thoughts on this important question. Include an example from your life where you either fought to be right, but ended up hurting someone’s feelings or you decided to disagree on the inside and remain kind. Do you think there are times when you have to make the choice for being right? How about when you have to make the choice to be kind?

Write a page and turn it in on Friday, September 21st.

Student of the Week:

Last Week: Liam

This Week: Ennis

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