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Fifth Grade Art Club will be starting the end of September, there will be two sessions of Art Club. Fifth grade will begin the year by learning techniques of watercolor using fall leaves and looking at the painterly realist Janet Fish and from a historical perspective examine the watercolors of Winslow Homer.. Fourth Graders will begin the year by creating analogous colors and creating a block print using rotational symmetry.  Through the process we will also be examining the art of Andy Warhol, as well as Jacob Lawrence. Throughout the year they will learn how to use compasses and, rulers to create individual stained glass windows. Third Grade will start the year by creating a quilt pattern inspired by actual patterns used by the Underground Railroad. We will also be learning about current artists like Faith Ringgold and their use of quilts for symbolism and meaning as visual art. We will be learning about the disappearing rainforests and about the animals that inhabit the rainforest, using Jan Brett’s book The Umbrella. Second grade will begin the year by learning fun facts about the snowy owl and creating their own block prints of an owl.  Second grade will learning about Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers to create their own Sun Flower painting. There are several great books including The Yellow House by Martin Gayford that will guide us. We will be working on a project that is all about cats and patterning. First Grade will create ten colorful patterns on snakes using Keith Baker’s book Hide and Snake as an inspiration. Later in the year they will work on a watercolor based on the book of Jan Brett’s called Daisy Comes Home. Kindergarten will start by hearing the story by Eric Carle called Mister Seahorse and will then create their own seahorse. Their next project will be creating a scarecrow while learning about Mark Kimball’s Scarecrow Pete.

Third Grade Quilt Pattern Fun Project!

Please use the following materials to make your very own inspired quilt pattern: (These will all be hung out in the hallway by class.)

  • Fine tipped markers
  • 2. Regular markers
  • 3. Create a color pattern by starting in the center of your quilt grid.
  • 4. Use the grid paper to make your own exciting quilt!

These will be due the next time we meet for art. Remember, we are learning all about the symbols of quilts and how they were used for the Underground Railroad. Perhaps you would like to look at the website listed below that we saw and discussed in class

We could always use volunteers in the art room. (or at home)



Here is an example of the Third grade project.

Here is an example of the third grade project.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at:
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Helpful Links for Parents and Students 
National Gallery of Kids Art Site

 Aleene’s Tacky Glue

I will always accept donations of Aleene’s Tacky Glue!
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