Ms. Mars’ Home Page

You have reach Ms. Mars’ Home Page for the 2016-17 School Year.

UPDATE – OCTOBER SCHEDULE:  Due to Hurricane Matthew and school closures, schedules for AS International History and A Level European History have been modified.   Check daily for any updates or changes.
Reminder:  School is scheduled for Monday, October 17 (hurricane make up day) and further make up days will be added as needed (Veterans Day – Fri. 11/11?)

This is where you’ll find general information about classroom procedures applicable to all students.  Information on absences and makeups are currently found here.

Specific information for AS International History and A Level European History is available on their individual webpages, which can be accessed on this website.  Information for each course, including tentative dates for tests, quizzes and projects will be on those pages.

Absences: Students who are absent are responsible for obtaining all missed handouts, work and making up any missed quizzes or tests within the guidelines set by the school (see below). If a student is absent due to illness more than 3 days, they must contact Ms. Mars via email – to obtain missed work (and avoid falling behind).  NOTE: you can reach me quickest using email. so use it to let me know what you need if you’re absent.

Extended, planned Absences:  In recent years, students have been absent due to vacations and family events (including extended international travel) lasting more than a week.  In some cases, students have been gone for more than 2 weeks.  These extended absences interfer with a student’s ability to succeed in high level, AICE classes.   If a student MUST participate in an activity which results in an extended absence, it’s  their responsibility to tell Ms. Mars at least 2 weeks in advance of the planned absence.  Students will be held responsible for all material covered during the absence and required to make up missed quizzes and tests within 5 to 10 days of their return (depending on the length of the extended absence).  These type of vacations, during the school year, are strongly discouraged, however, if it can’t be avoided, use email to keep in touch and complete assignments missed during the absence.

Makeup information for 2016-17:
Students who are absent must make up tests, quizzes and work within a specific time frame.  If a student is absent 1 day, they have 1 additional day for the make up; a 2 day absence generates a 2 day grace period for make ups, and so forth.  For tests and quizzes, students must make up the test or quiz on the earliest makeup day possible.  Because makeups are not available every day, students are given 3 opportunities to make up tests and quizzes when returning from an absence.

WARNING: Students who miss 2 makeup days after returning to class will only have 1 other opportunity before earning a zero (0) for the quiz, test or assignment.    (example:  you return from a 3 day absence on Thursday;  first makeup opportunity is Friday, the second is Tuesday , the make up must be completed by Wednesday)  This system gives students 1 week to complete any makeups – with multiple opportunities both before and after school.

Makeup days are available only on the following days/times:

Tuesdays, before school (8:30am) and after school (3:55-4:00pm);   Wednesdays, after school (3:00pm)  and Friday mornings (8:30am)