Ms. Manning’s Home Page

Instructor:  Rhoda Manning

Room Number:  740

Email:  [email protected] (preferred means of communication)

Phone(Extension):  (904)547-8340 ext 22546


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Thank you for logging into my website.  I want to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Rhoda Manning.  I have been teaching at Bartram since August 2000 when the school opened. I have taught several different math courses including Geometry/Geometry Honors since 2004. As a high school student, I did not like Geometry, but as a teacher I have come to love teaching it. This is a very challenging mathematics course. Most students will struggle at some time. Unlike Algebra, there is no Pre-Geometry course.

I am also teaching Algebra 2 this year. This is a new course for me, but I have taught most of the material in other courses.  I look forward to the challenges of teaching a new course and getting to know a new group of students.

I am available for help most mornings and afternoons. I enjoy working with my students during the extra help times. My schedule does change from week to week due to meetings and personal commitments, so the calendar in Schoology to see when I will be available. This is not a formal lesson time, just an opportunity for students to meet with me to answer their questions–no need to schedule time. The “Extra Help Availability” page is updated on Friday each week for the upcoming week. The availability will also be posted on the board in the classroom which is also updated on Friday.

I expect students to come to class prepared to work and learn. They are also expected to adhere to all classroom and school policies.

To learn you must want to be taught!